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    If you stay at Couple's Negril, make sure that you order the jerk chicken for lunch at the beach grill. It is the best!

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    The fish fingers are also "outta this world" delicious, as is the jerk burger....we ate lunch at the grill everyday when we were there in October. Can't wait to go back....countdown to November.

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    They have it at all 4. You can get a jerk sandwich if you ask. It wasn't on the menu at CSA but they could make anything you wanted. I had a jerk burger too!

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    Couldn't agree with you more! Have them jerk your fries too! LOVE that sauce!

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    We also usually eat every lunch at the Beach Grill. A great combo is the jerk chicken or cheeseburger with onion rings.Yum!

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    I had Jerk chicken, fries and corn on the cob about once a day at CN. It's great!

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    I cant wait to sample all of the above and some more lol

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    Every day I had the jerk chciken, onion rings, and a cold Red Stripe for lunch. Fantastic. Can't wait for next Feb!

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    They did not have onion rings on our last 2 trips

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