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    Default What subjects interest you?

    Question for the Message Board users.

    What subjects are YOU most interested in reading and asking questions?

    Probably the most asked question is which resort is the best followed by which room is best.

    Lets hear it from you what you want.

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    My favorites are the reviews and the that order.

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    right now I am most interested in AJ. Since we have tickets to fly from BWI to JA in Dec. I also like to talk with people on the MB. I don't ask to many questions, since we are returning for the 5th time this Dec, but I do like to look at what others are asking. Sometimes, if I think I can help someone I will answer. I learned a lot about CN before our frist visit, and hope this MB helps other new vacationers

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    In 68 days will be our 5th Couples experience and I still love reading about the different rooms/room categories at each resort. Love it when people post their pics.

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    love to hear the fashions do's and don't

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    Right now my obsession is any topic relating to CSS since we'll be there in October.

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    After some time watching and participating on the message board here are some observations of the questions I have seen most repeated.

    What is the best room / resort?
    Where is the best / largest beach?
    What is the best restaurant?
    How do we call home?
    Who and how much do we tip?
    Is ______ beer available?
    What about bugs / critters?
    Is ______ included at the resort?
    Is Jamaica safe?
    Is the water safe?
    Is the food safe?
    Can we get lobster?
    Where do we buy coffee / rum / rum cream and how do we get it home?
    What are the bathrooms like?

    And my personal favorite: Are there irons in the rooms?

    Just a few questions that seem to come up a lot.

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    Don't forget, "what's the weather like in xxx?"

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    I really like reading about all of the changes that have happened since we last went four years ago to CN. We are heading back next June four our 5 year anniversary and her birthday. It is great finding out many of the workers we knew are still there and that the same great service is being done. Defiantly love looking at everyone's pics.

    I would like to see more people talking about some of thier favorite things to order (food and drink) and be resort specific.

    Maybe I will try to start that thread again.

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    My favorite posts to read are(in no order): All the newbie questions, What is new at the various resorts. Pics of course...and the Au Natural section is always a good read.

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    One topic I don't read about a lot in here is the on-resort activities, and by that I mean the type of (hopefully) fun stuff that goes on during the day and evening right on the premesis. For example, some of the pool or evening games, stuff like that. There seems to be quite an extensive list of things to do during the day/early evening that appears on the activities site for each resort, but rarely do these get discussed. I guess this is one area I'd like to see more posting on.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Reviews and pics.... and everything else... ok, Im no help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The2ofus View Post
    My favorites are the reviews and the that order.
    Me Too!!!

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    Ron & Rosa 25,
    I see that RDYJMJM posted a list of activities, but I too never hear people talk about them. Which ones are the best, most fun to do... so on and so forth. I personally enjoy playing volleyball. Does that happen a lot at CN? What about fun drinking games?
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSTONE1973 View Post
    Ron & Rosa 25,
    I see that RDYJMJM posted a list of activities, but I too never hear people talk about them. Which ones are the best, most fun to do... so on and so forth. I personally enjoy playing volleyball. Does that happen a lot at CN? What about fun drinking games?
    Thanks for pointing this out JSTONE, that's what I was getting at with my previous post. RDYJMJM meant well, but he misunderstood what I said, or perhaps I didn't state it clearly enough. I was already aware of those lists and like you, I would like to read in here more about what takes place at the resort itself during the day from an activities standpoint and which activities draw the most attention, participation....stuff like that.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    One activity we really enjoyed was taking the nature tour of the grounds at CSA. Fitzroy the gardener showed us all kinds of wonderful plants, flowers and trees, and we learned a lot about the flora and fauna of Jamaica. I think the nature tour is only offered on Monday mornings.

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    JSTONE1973 & Ron & Rosa 25

    Which activities are the best? Hard question to respond to because they all are good. It all depends on how you feel at any given time.

    Bingo, the auction, ice carving, beach volleyball, pool volleyball, nature walk and the list goes on and on. The staff does a great job at keeping things active which makes it extremely hard to pick any particular activities out.

    I found reading the drink book at the bar and attempting to try one of each one is a good game. I think I reached the bottom of page one.

    You will find that the staff will try to get you to interact and become involved. Some activities that you get involved in will earn you Couples Jamaica dollars which lets you participate in the aution and other games. It is all to generate fun.

    Cost me $1,000.000.00 for Freddie the Turtle but he was worth every laugh we generated.

    Attachment 653

    Sorry if I missed what you meant on activities but the lists is wide and varied which attracts different people to each activity.

    Trust me you won't be bored and if you hit the right activity at the right time you can blame the staff for making your sides hurt from laughter.

    Pool boobyball I mean volleyball is a great distraction I mean game.
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    We are returning to CN in Nov for our 6th time, have been to all the other Couple Resorts as well (but call CN home). We really enjoy reading reviews and hearing about the staff that we have come to call friends. Diving is one of the things that I like doing but don't read much about that. Hearing someones excitment planning their first trip is wonderful, knowing what they are about to experience.

    Jackie & Jim

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    No problem, RDYJMJM, like I said I probably worded it poorly. I've just found that since reading all these posts about anything and everything that is the Couples universe, the one subject area that doesn't seem to be discussed in great detail is the activities, games, etc taking place on the property itself. Maybe it's more of a case where there's a lot of fun things to do, but this doesn't necessarily translate into subjects worth posting about. No matter, it's all good in the Couples hood!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Ron & Rosa 25

    At CN the pool volleyball game can be lots of fun and full of laughs for both male and female. The problem is that it makes you thirsty! It is a great activity to be part of or just watch and support your favorite side.

    The auction can be full of laughs as people try an beat the other person out of a prized item thru out bidding. I won't say some cheat but they do create some laughs.

    Much depends on your likes and dislikes. Taking in Jamaica's natural beauty is a great past time. We enjoy getting off resort to experience and see Jamaica and we have had many wonderful experiences and adventures.

    The standard activities that are spoken of alot like glass bottom boat, snorkeling, scuba and the must do Catamaran cruise are always spoken highly of but martini hour, wine and cheese party and even high tea can be enjoyable.

    You won't run out of things to do and while worrying about what to do next don't forget to spend some time on the beach soaking up some sun and digging your toes in the soft sand.

    Our first trip to Jamaica we came home with a list of things we didn't do. Strange part about that list. Each year we go and do things we keep adding more to it to do on another trip. I wonder if we will ever do all the things available in Jamaica to see, do and experience? I hope not.

    One thing that is nice to do is to get to know as many of Couples Staff as you can. Take thier picture, know thier names, get to know them. You will be adopting them as your second family in time.

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    the best activity that Sue and I take part in daily when at Swept Away is "us time".


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    The reviews are my favorite! I also like reading about the food and drinks that are served at each resort.
    Kerri & Dean
    CN 7/25/09 - 7/31/09
    CSA 4/24/10 - 4/30/10

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    Weather concerns.

    I've found the following weather sites to be helpful in keeping up with weather conditions.

    Don't be alarmed when you see daily showers listed. Most of them are tropical showers that usually pop up around lunch.

    Satellite weather

    Caribbean Storm Watch

    Jamaica weather guide

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    I'm most interested in reading the reviews and seeing pictures. I really love watching video too and if there were a lot more of those, I would be excited. I'm thinking of taking some video clips in December when we return.

    Kevin & Angie

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