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    With limitations on the amount this MB will hold for files it makes it hard for many pictures to be posted.

    YOU TUBE has many sites established as well as many of the other free sites. Some have Yahoo sites set up just for Couples Resorts.

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    I love reading everything about CTI right now, because that is our vacation destination in April 2010!
    But I also like reading about reviews of other times of the year that people experience, and the other three resorts. Our anniversary is in October, so maybe we will visit CTI again or another couples resort for that in the future.
    Or even to get away, just for ourselves for once, over the Christmas/New Years holidays. No more holiday stress, travelling to both sets of parents, etc.
    Also the 'what to pack' or 'wish I though of that' threads are so helpful. Ive got my packing list ready, and have added all those little things I would've not thought of!
    THanks to everyone on the MB for your help and friendliness!!!
    Keep those threads coming

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    I read EVERYTHING, even when it doesn't pertain to me or my CTI. You never know what you may learn.

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