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Thread: CTI or CSS?

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    Default CTI or CSS?

    My husband and I have been to COR 2 times, 2005 for our honeymoon and 2007 with friends. We want to come back with friends and/or family in spring 2011 but we are trying to decide between Couples Tower Isle and Couples Sans Souci?
    Thoughts? Feedback?

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    Tough decision both resorts are great!
    We prefer CSS. It is like staying in a hotel in a botanical gardens. There are so many nooks and crannies to discover that at many times you will feel that you are the only couple at the resort.
    The staff is one of CSS's best assets. They are just wonderful.
    CSS is the largest property of all the Couples resorts, but it is the smallest amount of rooms (150) It is the only Couples resorts to offer room service from 6 AM to 11 PM. The other resorts offer room service for breakfast only
    The SPA huts are set high in the cliffs with views and sounds hard to be beat

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    We like CTI best. Tried CSS twice now and still don't get he same vibe as CTI. You should make your own mind up everyone likes something different.

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    We love Sans Souci, even after 2 trips to Tower Isle we are looking forward to the next trip back to Sans Souci.
    The entire vibe is more romantic - rooms are great - love room service when we don't want to go out...

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    Personally, if I were going with friends or family, I would go with CSS if for no other reason than that it's physically bigger. In a locale like Jamaica, though it's great to be with friends and family, it's also nice to spend time alone, and I think there are just flat-out more places (other than the hotel room) to politely "sneak away" if you want an afternoon or a few hours to yourselves (or at least not "with" your travel companions).

    Obviously, there are many other differences, and you can find your preference, but I thought I might mention that as a perspective.

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