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    Default Where is the best place to keep informed on Air Jamaica Caribbean Air problem??

    I hav e been trying to get the latest news on the Air Jamaica wet lease and if my Tickets are still Good.

    Randymon can You sugest the best way to keep ontop of the air jamaica problem cause if the airline closes and we have reservations with insurance on the hotel and we loose our flight we would be unable to purchase new tickets?

    Does Couples have a backup plan for theire guest if AJ closes?

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    Hi -

    The best places to keep up to date are with your travel agent or or

    We have no control over airline operations so no back-up plan is possible.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thank You,

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    AJ still taking reservations for February - we booked first class with insurance & American Express so at least if something happens we can get a full refund.

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    We leave in 13 days and I'm a little nervous about the flight situation as well.

    I was given this link over at tripadvisor for updates on AJ as well:

    I contacted Expedia who I booked my flight through and they said no refunds were being given currently because the airline had not gone under YET.

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    Can you cancel them and get a refund and just rebook with an airline that will be there? With all the problems in the last few years with AJ, there is no way I would book with them.

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    iriegail has it right: why you should always use a credit card (NOT a debit card or check), and if you're really worried, get travel insurance.

    At least with the credit cards, you have a prayer of seeing your money back by filing a backcharge. Might not help you immediately, but you should be able to get something back.

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