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    Default CSA - Beef, It's What's For Dinner???

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm looking for some expereiced CSA go-ers to help me out. I am getting married at CSA in a few weeks and having a private dinner reception for 20 guests. One of the menu choices is a Live Carving Station with Grilled Strip Loin Steak with Peppercorn Au Jus. I have been to many other Carribean Islands in the past and noticed a trend that their beef was always a little tough. Now I'm not looking for a NY or Chicago butcher quality beef, but as our wedding dinner, I want to be sure the Beef is good and tender.

    Soooo, my question to the CSA multi trippers is... how's the beef? Is this is a good choice to go with? Have you had Beef dinners in the CSA restaurants and liked it?

    Any help or feedback is appreciated, as soon as possible, b/c I need to select my menu soon. Thanks everyone and happy travels!!!

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    I don't think the beef quality is just limited to CSA. It is available to all resorts and we found it to be of excellant quality.

    Like anything it is all a matter of personal taste.

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    Never had the strip loin cut there but the filet if awesome and tastes just like US beef because I thing they import their beef from the US. I may be wrong but I heard they did. Tastes good either way.

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    The beef is imported from the United States, but you're at an all-inclusive resort, so you shouldn't expect beef of the qualify that you'd get at Craft in NYC, for example. That being said, we think the food at Couples is very good and have never had issues with the beef served at any four of the resorts.
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    Only beef I have had at CSA was tenderloin and the knife went thru it like butter...and it tasted superb...Relax you lucky people you are going to CSA!!!!

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    We've been to CSA and CSS several times. We love Couples. Having said that, beef is not really the best choice. It tastes different, and is a bit tougher. Stick with what is famous in the Caribbean - chicken, pork, fish.

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    Well, I'm definitely not a good candidate to answer this question, but I will anyway....

    We eat organic, grass-fed meat at home. That means ours is a bit tougher and leaner than more traditional corn-fed beef. We LOVE the beef at CSA, and think the tenderloin at Feathers is spectacular. For those who are used to the Iowa Corn-Fed variety, you are going to find that the beef at Couples is a little tougher, a little leaner, and a bit stronger in flavor.

    Enjoy your trip, and congratulations on your wedding.


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    my wife and I had the beef tenderloin on our private dinner and it was the best that I have ever had! It was so tender, cooked perfectly, and melted in your mouth....... ahhhhh

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I think I'll stick with the Beef Choice. (And have to try the tenderloin!!) The other choices on the menu for private dinner reception are Grilled Mahi Mahi and Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Chicken Breast, so I figure with these 3 options (Beef/Chicken/Fish) my guests will have plenty to choose from. Thanks again everyone!!!

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