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    Default Keen sandals vs. aqua socks

    We are going to CSS for our first time ever in Jamaica. We plan to visit the falls and hang out at the beach. Since we don't want to bring every pair of shoes we own, we're debating which is better, keen sandals or aqua sock type shoes?

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    Either one of those will be fine. You won't need them while you're on the beach at CSS, but you will need them to climb the falls. If it were me, I'd probably bring the Keens for the falls, but the aqua socks will save space in the luggage.
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    Bring Keens, less to pack. I bring keens to wear all the time, they are very comfortable and can be worn to breakfast and lunch.

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    You will need water shoes/aqua socks for the Falls for sure, and honestly it is not a bad idea to wear them in the water at the beach, a friend of ours stepped on a sea urchin last trip.

    Shoes is the main reason we need to check a bag, (and toiletries) a girl just has to have her options... LOL

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    On our first trip last year we only brought our Crocs and managed just fine climbing Dunn's River falls. I did get pebbles in my shoes and had to dump them out, which was annoying, and kind of wished I had aqua socks. However, they were perfect for the beach, snorkeling, etc. You can rent the aqua socks from the bus on the way to the falls for only a few dollars if you prefer to have the best of both worlds. My attempt to keep the # of shoes in my luggage always fails :-)

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