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    Default Bircher Muesli @ CN?

    We're back at CN to celebrate our wedding there 5yrs ago on 25th May & I absolutely loved the Bircher Muesli served at the breakfast buffet back in 2005 - Can any recent visitors to CN advise as to whether it's still on the menu? It used to be served in coconut halves...yummy

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    Muesli was there (at CN) 2 weeks ago, though it was to be scooped from a large bowl and was not in coconut halves.

    If you are facing the steam trays at the buffet area, turn around and you should see it on the island counter along with salad/greens type items.

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    It was there in December. No longer served in the coconut halves.. It is in a bowl that you may serve from.


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    Woo-hoo, thanks soo much

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    Just thinking about some if the posts I have read has got me wondering. Do they serve cows milk in Jamaica or just goats milk.

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    It's cow's milk. It's not the same as our cow's milk. I think it's Tetra-pak (i.e. Parmalat) but it is tasty and delicious.

    and I too love the meusli at Couples. I eat it EVERY morning along with whatever Jamaican specialty is on the buffet. Love that escovitch fish.

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    My wife Peggy will be so thrilled...She loves this dish.

    CN...Couples Negril...April 10-17,2010
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