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    Default Racquetball or Handball Players

    If any players will be at CSA October 5-15th and are looking for a game, please let me know.

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    Anyone interested?

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    Redsox... it's really much easier to find someone while there. They have a signup sheet in the court on which you put your dates of stay, skill level and room #. If all else fails, you can always hit with the pro. (they're pretty darn good...)

    DH is an A/Open player, and he's either played with the pro or found a game on each trip. *Mostly played with the pro. I've tried to find a player here on the MB each time, but with no success.

    Now, if you're going early May next year, he's in.

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    Thanks for the info Vee. We won't be there next May, but we will be there in Nov. 2011.

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