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    Default CSS Jewelry Shop ?

    Can anyone tell us if they still have the Jewelry shop in CSS?
    We were at CTI last year and they closed the one there.

    My wife will be VERY DISAPPOINTED if she has to go to town to buy her Jewelry (LOL)

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    Yes CSS does have a very nice jewelry shop. It is "The Jewel Box". Harry Samtani is the man to see. Harry has taken great care of us over the years. He has the best Tanzanite ever. The customer service is also wonderful. We purchased my ring in the afternoon and he had it resized before dinner that evening. Please tell him Teresa and Tom says hello. Here was my gift this year!
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    It was still there when we stayed at CSS in August 2009.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    We were there last year and CSS has a jewelry shop right at the entrance across from the gift shop.


    Bart & Bug

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    We were there in March of 2009 and it was still there at that time...

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    Default Still there!

    Yup - it's still there. I used the pouty face this past February in order to bring home a beautiful carribean topaz ring for our annivesary. Wearing it right now!

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    tntmo...Thanks for letting me know it is still there. I also purchased a BEAUTIFUL Tanzanite ring there. It is my dream come true ring. They have the best selection of Tanzanite I have ever seen. I'm interested in a Blue Diamond. You cannot even find them here in the US jewelry stores. But it may be out of my price range. We will see in July. Thanks again everyone who responded.

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    The jewelry store is still there and it still holds my dream come true one carat diamond solitare! It was so beautiful and I really, really wanted it for our 25th Anniversary. My husband, being the frugal man he is, said it's either the ring or another trip to CSS. I really couldn't argue about that, was so gorgeous!!!

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    tntmo..Hello Teresa.

    Your ring this year is pretty.

    Send us a check so we can visit Harry at The Jewel Box..LOL

    Peggy and I will tell Pierre and Harry hi for you and Tom in about two weeks.

    Hugs to you and Tom from Tommy and Peggy

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    Tommy, I am so jealous! I wish we were going home to CSS. Please do tell Harry & Pierre hello. Would you also tell some others hi and give them a hug for us? Orlando, Lig,Evol, Una, Delouise Defong, Trevor Butler, and a special hug for Francine (she was at the Balloon Bar during the day) I know you will have a great time. We will be thinking about you and Peggy. Oh, forgot to says thanks for the compliment on my ring (do I have a great Hubby or what!)
    Teresa and Tom

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