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    Default October in Jamaica?

    We usually head for CTI in March/April, however in 2011 our 40th wedding anniversary is October 9th. We have a we go at our usual time of year, or do we spend our anniversary at our very favourite place?

    We didn't have a honeymoon when we got married. We are having a party at home, and it would be great to fly to Jamaica the day after (a sort of very late honeymoon!!)

    Can anyone tell me what weather to expect. Would this still be in hurricane season? I know there are lots of you who visit Jamaica at this do you find it?

    So, I'm looking for a bit of input from you October repeaters.


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    Default oct

    yes hurricane season

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    Hey Trish,
    We were there the first week in October last year and had absolutely beautiful weather. Went diving every day and the catamaran went out every day it was scheduled. It rained early one morning but was sunny again by 10:00. The morning we left was getting a little windy because there was a storm off the Dominican so they did put the red flag out that day. Otherwise fantastic!

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    We always go in Oct. If there is a hurricane it usually comes through in Sept. Been twice a few weeks after they got clipped, you wouldn't really know about it. I say go for it. There will be a fair few of us there.

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    Hi Trish,

    We will let you know how our trip to CTI goes this October, we were there this past April. We are going to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary which is on October 10th. We are also hoping to celebrate our 30th which will be 2011 at CTI, so if you do decide to go we may see you! We are two Brits who now live in the States and for the past 13 years have gone to the Caribbean in October with no problems with the weather. Julie.

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    6 trips in Oct down, 1 coming up, and will surely book again. We've seen some weather, but we've never felt like we should be anywhere else, and always had a great time.

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    Julesboston, see you there. we are also ex pats, been in MA for 13 years and this will be our 8th trip to Couples.

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    What a coincidence Dandj! We live in Needham, MA. Really looking forward to meeting you.

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    Hi everyone! Thanks so much for posting.
    At the moment cost seems to be the factor steering us towards October. I have been searching travel companies, Couples direct, everywhere really. It looks as though we won't be able to afford to go in March. But, no big deal would be great to spend our 40th anniversary somewhere we love.

    Julie, it would be great if you let us know how you get on this year. Have you been to Couples before? This will be our fifth visit (4 to CTI and 1 to Sans Souci). You never know, we might meet up with you, and if we do I insist on geeting the drinks in!!!

    dandj........hopefully we might meet up with you also in 2011.


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    Hi Trish,

    We went to CTI this past April, our first time. We loved it which is why we booked to go this October to celebrate our anniversary.
    Hopefully we will see you in 2011, I will hold you to getting us those drinks.......

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    Julie, we're in Auburn MA. See you there. I know at least one couple who are coming again this year from England.
    Trish we'll see you there in 2011. I will be celabrating a big Birthday on October 14th. Our dates for 2011 are Oct 1-15th. Go ahead and book before July 1st and you will get the $500 bonus if you stay 7 night.

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    Obviously this must be's our 40th anniversary on
    9th October, my husbands birthday on 12th October, Julie has an anniversary on 10th October, dandj has a birthday on 14th October. Hmmmmmm, lots of celebratory drinks I think!!
    Looks like I might have to persuade him October is the time to go.

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    Hi Debs & Jason, Terri & Terry here. Have seen you are to return home to Tower Isle this year. It is doubltful that we will make it this year - bought a house - but will be thinking of you all and hope you have a great time. Sad to hear Jas didn't make it to Hawaii. Seen some familiar names, will miss you all. If I can work out how to do it, I will post a photo of everyone in Reception - good pic. Luv Terri

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    Terri and Terry, great to hear from you. Sorry we won't be seeing you this year. What about next year? Daph. and Phil are going to try for 2011,(big birthday for me). Looks like we have a good group going this year so you know it will be fun. We just got back from the UK, unfortunately my Mum just passed away unexpectedly and Jas' Mum has her brain tumor back and time is running out for her also.
    Do you have our e-mail address? We'll have to try to contact privately. Many of the CTI group are linked on facebook, so we all keep in touch periodically.

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    Trish, The weather was OK. We had some overcast days at the beginning of our stay because a storm was just ending, but we had a great time. We met up with Julie and Mike, we actually were on the same bus and flight home. I hope you got up courage to book for next Oct. The meet up thread has already started for 2011. Hope to see you there.

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    Just had to add that October is a great time to go. We've gone in October for a few years in a row now, and have loved every minute of it.

    Hope to see you there!

    MJ & Ernie

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