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    Default Snorkelling advice please

    To buy from home and carry in luggage, or to buy in Jamaica ?

    Cost in UK is about £33 ($50 US) for something half decent.

    Any advice would be appreciated as to whether it is worth the purchase, i.e is there much to see, and whether I should wait until I get there to buy the kit.

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    We take our own masks and snorkle. We use there fins. Fins are too big to carry in luggage.
    Couples does provide masks, snorkles and fins at no charge

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    Buy at home. I'm not sure where you would buy in jamaica.

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    We always take our own snorkel gear; our set has a nice bag to pack them and Air Canada does not charge for sporting equipment so it costs nothing. CN does have their own, but after seeing theirs compared to ours, I am happy we take ours

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    The resort provides the gear only for the scheduled trips. If you want to do your own snorkeling off the beach, bring a mask and snorkel. I'd buy it at home and pack it because you don't want to take the chance of the gift shop not having any. I bring my own mask and snorkel, hubby uses his dive gear.
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    I'm not a serious snorkeller, so I used the resort equipment last year. I didn't have any problems with it.

    If you didn't want to use their equipment, I'd say buy it back home and truck it with you (but use their flippers, for the reasons Richli2 says).

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    If you are going to CN or CSA I would not recommend bringing your own because there is nothing to see off of the sandy bottom beach and the snorkel boat will provide you with everything when you go out to the reefs. I understand that CSS and CTI have some good snorkeling off the beach so you should bring your kit there because the resort only lends equipment if you are going out on the boat. I would bring mine from home rather then wait to get to Jamaica. I don't think they sell kits at the resorts so you would have to go ff the resort to find stuff.

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    I do the same, I bring my own snorkle and mask.... and use the fins that they carry.

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    I took my own gear 2 weeks ago because I like to Snorkel off the beach. I went up and down in front of the resort and also in front of the resort to the right of CSA down the beach ( Name ? ) Beaches resort is it ?
    Anyway lots to see down there. The resorts gear did not have a 2 way valve in the snorkel and it sucks injesting sea water regularly.On Air Canada it is deemed as sports equipment so they don`t charge extra. I did however put it in my luggage.

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    laticsforlife Which resort are you going to? If you are going to CTI, I'd recomend bringing your own... they don't allow snorkle gear to be brought over to the island,(by the shuttle boat) although you may be able to snorkle over there. 50$ does seem a bit high. Sorry can't help on that part. Have a great time!

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    I did see a snorkel set at the Dis and Dat store at CSA, but we bring our own from home. I prefer my snorkel stuff to be on my face and mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doncindy View Post
    laticsforlife Which resort are you going to? 50$ does seem a bit high.
    Should have said, we are coming to CSS in June.

    $50 included the fins which for the weight and size I guess I shouldn't try to bring, so I think I can get a set for less without the fins (around $20).

    Thanks for your assistance guys.

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