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    Default Infamous bus ride???

    Hey Everyone,
    I am a newbie to the Couples resorts... My fiance and I are planning our October honeymoon and we LOVE what we see. Couples was recommended by a friend but the one thing she mentioned was the SCARY 45 minute bus ride to the resort.
    OK, I'm a total whimp.... can you experienced Couples travelers give me the scoop?
    Thank you!!! Hope to book today!

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    It's not a big deal at all. It's a little disorienting because a) they drive on the left-hand side of the road, British-style and b) Jamaican drivers sometimes make driving moves that seem sudden or daring. It's really not that bad.

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    Scary? It is not scary at all, it is a bus ride on a paved road, how scary can that be?

    There is a lot of starting and stopping, so if you get motion sick, I would bring something to cure that.

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    Congrats on your wedding. I'm not sure which resort you're going to but I think the ride is a longer than 45 minutes to all of them. With that being said, it isn't bad at all. I actually liked it because it gave me the chance to see Jamaica outside the resort. I'm not sure what they referred to as 'scary'. Maybe the driving, but still, you'll be fine. Enjoy!!!

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    I wouldn't call it scarey but if you tend to get car sick, make sure you take something. The airplane make me nauseous too so I take Bonine before I get on the plane and I'm good for my bus ride. The ride is about an hour fifteen to an hour and a half and they usually stop halfway for a restroom break. No worries, all is good.

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    First of all, it's more than 45 minutes.... more like an hour and 45 minutes. The shortest bus ride we've had has been an hour and 20 minutes. Secondly, it's really not all that scary. Honestly. It's an interesting ride on decently paved two lane roads. Occasionally they will pass but I've NEVER EVER felt unsafe. Actually one time, we ended up with a VERY safe driver, and we wished he would speed up a bit. It was a VERY slow drive.

    Relax and don't worry about the ride. It's all good, mon. And if you are susceptible to carsickness, take a pill first. ( or have an extra red stripe at the Couples lounge. )

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    Hm. Well, I would say that if your friend's ride only took 45 minutes then it probably WAS pretty scary!

    It's usually over an hour to Negril and I think at least 90 minutes to San Souci and CTI???

    At a normal pace, IMHO, really not scary. Scarier than in the U.S.? Yes. You're on the left and people in Jamaica definitely have a different style of driving. But the bus drivers are usually pretty conservative with their driving. Things they do on the roads in Jamaica are, for the most part, scary to us because it's not what we're used to - the passing methods is something off the top of my head. But they are used to it and they have a system and they know what they're doing. The bus ride to the resort, really, is nothing.

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    First off, scary is relative. The driving in Jamaica is pretty wild, doesn't matter where you go (which is why it's unwise to rent a car or even a bike there).

    That being said, we didn't find the drive to CSA to be too bad. Certainly wasn't scary.

    (Ask me about the bus driver who took us to Appleton, though, and I'll tell you something else altogether!)

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    Actually, the ride is a bit longer than 45 minutes no matter which Couples you are going to. To CN & CSA, it's about an hour and 30 minutes. To CSS and CTI it's abount an hour and 45 minutes. These times include a stop along the way. Sometimes they don't stop if everyone is in agreement on that. We really enjoy the drive and never felt scared. It is a little unusual at first driving on the "wrong" side of the road though (assuming you're from the US). It gives you a chance to see the scenery and how the people of Jamaica live. Keep in mind, these drivers do this route every day. We also try to sit near the driver to strike up a conversation. We've learned a lot about Jamaica from the drivers in the past. I know some people comment on how they rather not stop because they're too excited about getting to the resort. It's about a 15 minute stop and it gives you a chance to mingle with locals outside of the resort. We feel it's a great part of the "Jamaican" experiance and highly recommend stopping. Have fun and enjoy, it's Irie Mon!

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    Jamaicans drive thoroughly different than Americans, and their driving only bears a remote resemblance to the driving in the UK. It is scary to us only because it is different from what we normally expect. Bottom line, everyone comes through the bus ride just fine.

    That being said. I LOVE the bus ride to the resort. I'm a little sad on the bus-ride back to the airport though.

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    Scary is not part of the equation....neither is 45 minutes! It is more like an hour and a half or so, but it goes by fast and is truly lots of fun. You will probably be on the bus with a few other couples and whther they are first timers or seasoned veterans, they will be just as excited as you are. Visit with the driver immediately and tell him you want to make a drink stop. he will take you to a place close to the airport where you can buy a few Red Stripes, then get on the bus, kick back and have a few. It is all irie mon after that. The ride really passes quickly and there are NO WORRIES MON!!!!!!!
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    No problem, have an overproof rum and a couple of Red Stripes and relax mon.

    Maybe your friend traveled before the new roads were finished.

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    LOL what is so scary about it? I think it is longer than 45 minutes but it depends which resort you are going to. I wrote a post about the ride in another thread. I'll find that to repost.

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    Default Infamous bus ride???

    No worries mon! Have you ever been to New York or Mexico? Same type of "thrill ride" plus in Jamaica, they drive on the opposite side of the road while honking their horns OFTEN. However, you will be driving along the most beautiful coast as you head towards CN or CSA. You are right next to the sea - gorgeous turquoise color water and rocky coast! So, get a drink when you check in the Couples Lounge at the airport(and one to go!), pick a seat on the bus/van, RELAX and ENJOY the ride!

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    I wrote this in another thread called "the ride to css" or something like that.

    I enjoyed the ride. Once we had a small bus and another time we had a newer small bus with a tv. They played a Bob Marley concert dvd. I love looking at the scenery and people. It's a cool way to see what Jamaica really looks like. We drove during the day too so we saw school children playing outside and a lot of businesses were open. It was really colorful and neat to see. We did stop once but I wasn't too upset about it. We didn't really buy anything other than a pop or something but it was neat. Just part of the experience.

    The airport is probably not what you are used to. I haven't been there in a few years so it might be updated, I'm not sure. It's not awful or anything, it's just small and I don't know the word here. It's not dirty or falling apart or anything but it's just not the same. The lounge is nice. They gave us a cool wash clothe which was nice because it was pretty hot.

    Don't worry about it. I just looked back at some of the photos I took during the drive and loved it. It's enjoyable because of where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. It's something you have never seen before and it's beautiful in it's own way. During the drive don't think "are we there yet?!", you already are.

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    My wife is a very "bad" passenger but does not mind the drive to Negril or Ocho Rios so the ride must be TOTALLY safe.


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    I've never been scared on the Bus. The driving in Jamaica is different and can be crazy, but you're on a Van or a Bus, not in a little car. The route is all highway, not winding roads, from the Airport to the Hotels.

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    Nothing scary whatsoever. Very enjoyable, just different. Remember, you're in a different country.

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    Default Bus Ride

    Regarding the bus ride to either Couples in Negril or Couples in Ochi Rios, you are going to be at least 1 hr 15 min to 1 hr 45 min. Whoever told you that either ride takes 45 minutes must have been riding with a native in a sports car. The locals like to boast that they can get from Ochi Rios to Mo Bay in under an hour. I do not think that I want to experience that ride. With the private transfers it typically takes on best 1:15 to either area. While riding in a tourist bus, you will never make it that quick. Hopefully this is helpful

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    If you are heading to Negril the one lane bridge is now two lane. That was always a thrill. The fact that in Jamaica they drive on the wrong side of the road is also something unique. Especially if you drive for a living.

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    Don't worry about the bus ride. Enjoy the scenery not the way people drive. Jamiacan drivers are alot more agressive in driving ie passing but they also let each other back into the correct lane easier than we do. The drivers are professionals and have been driving the same trips back and forth for years.

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    I look forward to the ride! The driver has a lot to do with the experiance. Hope you get one that keeps you intertained.

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    For those of us who are flatlanders from the Midwest US, the first ride is a bit of a thrill... we don't get out much. After that, *yawn*.

    Those who are from the eastern seaboard, especially from the large metro areas, who are more used to public transport, may find the change of scenery mildly interesting, but other than that, hey... its a bus ride... with a very experienced driver. Relax.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Where can I get a “I survived the bus ride to negril” t-shirt? I saw someone wearing one a few years ago at CSA. It was probably you.

    Cool t-shirt.

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    We enjoy getting to see other parts of Jamaica on the bus ride. Not scary......just different.

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