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    Default Mental preparation for a very long journey...advice needed!


    We are travelling from the UK and will be getting off the plane after a 10hour flight...we were just wondering the average wait time at the Couples lounge before departing for our resort...CTI?

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    We waited about 15 or 20 minutes. I haven't heard anyone waiting much longer than that. Just enough time to stretch your legs. Have a great time!

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    Normally less than 1/2 hour, usually only enough time for a potty break and a Red Stripe....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    If you are refering to the airport couples lounge,, you will only be there for 10-15 mnts. They will offer you a drink at the bar inside the same waiting lounge. IT'S GREAT. your vacation starts at the very lounge/airport/waiting room, to be taken to the resort. Enjoy ;-)

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    The wait at the Couples Lounge is not long at all. At best I would say long enough, maybe, to drink a Red Stripe.

    You can take all the time you want to get your land legs back underneath you from your long flight

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    Once you go thru immigration, collect your luggage and clear customs, you then proceed to the Couples lounge. The average wait time in the Couples lounge is 10 minutes before you board trasnportation to CTI. The time it will take to get to the resort now averages about 90 minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy_gal_linds View Post

    We are travelling from the UK and will be getting off the plane after a 10hour flight...we were just wondering the average wait time at the Couples lounge before departing for our resort...CTI?
    20 min or so. Enough time to grab a beer/soda/water and change into some cooler clothes. Coming from the UK, you are going to gain 5 hrs of time, so it should not be too late when you get there.

    I flew to London from the midwest last year, that is tough. Getting about 2 hrs of sleep, and then seeing the sun when your body says it should be 2am is hard.

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    Hi, we are going on our 8th visit next week (CSS), we have never had to wait mor than 30 min to depart for any of the Couples resorts.

    Enjoy your stay CTI is beautiful.

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    Last visit, number 3, was our longest wait. That visit, I actually had time to use the bathroom and hubby had time to get a beer. 10-15 minutes is probably the average.

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    about 15 minutes...tops! Enjoy your stay.
    Janice and Keith in FL

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    For us it was about 20 minutes and I think most posts I've read have said they waited less than half an hour.

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    Hi when are you travelling and to which resort, all the other times we have been to couples the most we have to wait is 20 mins!!we are going to CTI and travel on 17th April
    Ellie & Simon

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    maybe10-15 minutes

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    If you are flying Virgin be prepared for a delay (they are usually delayed)..suggest the V Lounge...But the flight does not seem as long as it seems on both Thomson & Virgin you are fed & watered thru the flight & 'scuse the pun the time will fly by.. From landing you may need to wait a while to get thru security & customs but once you get thru customs on your left you will find the Couples Lounge...its a great tell them who you are and your luggage is tagged (all in 5 mins) you then grab a red stripe or in my case 2 and you are on your way within 20-30 mins of hitting the lounge. By then you will have chatted to new friends & your holiday will be underway...enjoy...please forgive our envy...

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    Hi. What flight are you getting. We are on a Virgin flight leaves Gatwick at 11.15 not tillNovember though. I am estimating we will get to. CSS about 8 ish

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    Usually less than a half hour. Time enough to hit the WC, grab a Red Stripe, and you will be on your way. Your vacation begins now.
    Hope to run into you. Most of our time is out on the island.


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    You'll be surprised how quickly you are wisked away to the resort. You barely have time to drink one Red Stripe.

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    We've never waited more than 10-15 minutes. Even with Immigration, Baggage Claim and Customs we are on the way within an hour of landing - sometimes less.... you may have to wait for other Couples' guests who arrived at the same time as you did but are taking longer to get their luggage and clear Customs.

    Once you're on the shuttle, its about 2 hours to Tower Isle with a quick stop to drop off any guests going to Sans Souci.
    We've never made any other stops...because we want to get to the hotel and don't need to stop for beer or to use the restroom on a two hour ride

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    Depends on customs and the day you arrive...but no more than an hour...I would say...then you will have at least an hour and a half ride to can sleep on the beach with a drink in hand...have a wonderful time...we are leaving April 11!

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    You will not have a long wait at all for the bus to CTI. You will have just enough time to use the private restroom and grab a red stripe for the trip! The longest we ever waited was 15 minutes. Have a wonderful trip!

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    The longest we've ever waited was about 20 minutes. Take the time to use the loo and freshen up and have a red stripe before you leave. Take a nap on the bus and you'll be all set for when you get there. You are going to have a great time at CTI.

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    I live in California and have a sister in London and a brother in India, so I frequently travel long distances. I never struggle with jet lag. When I get on the plane I change my watch to the time zone of the place I am going to, and then I never do the math to figure out what time it is at home. I just let myself be on the new time and that helps mentally. Also, drink lots of water and rest as best you can on the plane. Tell yourself it will be easy, and it will.

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    No worries wait is not long. Just think at least on the way there you have a vacation to look forward to no think of the return home.

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    Dizzy, if you're like most people, then you'll agree that misery loves company. So at least take heart in knowing you're not alone with a looooooooong time betwixt departure and arrival. Even tho we're in the U.S., we're flying out of LAX via AA, and there are no direct flights. In fact the only flight out of there is a 10pm red eye to Miami. We then have a 4 hour layover before heading to Mobay.

    Guess we're just gonna have to suck it up and be ready to hit the ground running once we've made it 'home'. Besides, we all know that sleep is for sissies anyway.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Thankyou all for your replies!!! I was a bit concerned i was worrying too much! I think i'm just so excited now! We are flying with British Airways.....thank God the strikes are over!!! I feel much more at ease....i'm so looking forward to a good chat with fellow Couples. We are staying at CTI....not long now....Thursday here we come!!

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