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    Default weddingmoon 10/10/2010

    We are a couple in our mid 20s and we will be getting married at CTI on 10/10/10. Will there be any other young couples there at the time? we have never done all inclusive before but I believe in my heart that I will drink the cost of the trip within the first hour of being there. We will flying down form Charlotte,NC and staying from 10/06 - 10-13.
    Does the bar carry jagermeister?
    We are looking forward to a great time!!!!

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    No jagermeister...... don't drink too much you have a week to do that

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    Hey Charlotte couple, we will be there from 10/7-10/14. Getting married on 10/9/10. So we'll be there also. You don't want to crash and burn the first few hours. I did that my first time at an all-inclusive and was all snoozers by 8pm! We came right in changed went straight to the pool bar and were out like nobody's business! LOL! Maybe we can pop a few bottles to celebrate! Congratulations!!!

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    Sign in on the October thread and I'll add you to the list. By the way, everyones young at Couples no matter what their age. Believe me, the 4O somethings regularly close down the piano bar. See you there and you have chosen well with CTI.

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    We will be there from the the 2nd -10th and are very excited. You will love it!

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    Congrats! We stayed at CTI and got married in Jamaica on 09.09.09!!

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