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    Default Getting married Jan 4th at Sans Souci

    We just set up our wedding in Sans Souci! I am really excited and full of what should I do now's.. We are staying Dec 30th to the 6th of Jan! Any tips or advice would be great!

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    Congrats we are getting married Sans Souci July 8/11

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    Congrats ladies! CSS is so beautiful and you will just love it! I got married there June 09 and it was amazing!

    I know you asked for let me see...I stressed so much about how everything would fall together because I'm such a 'planner", but it all ends up perfect and everyone at CSS did everything they could to make the day wonderful! If you're planning on getting your hair/makeup done at the salon give yourself EXTRA time. I dont know why but I thought my hair would take about an hour (I didnt get my makeup done) but it really took 2 hours, I wasnt late or anything, but I'm glad I scheduled it early. Other than that, just relax and enjoy...that was the BEST part about getting married in Jamaica I was so relaxed and I didnt have to do a thing except get myself ready...when I see my friends get married at home their whole wedding week and day is full of stress and tears, Couples was exactly the opposite!

    Congrats will love it!

    Here are some pictures if you're interested:

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    Default To Kate and Bryan

    Kate and Bryan I love your pics!! Who did your photography?

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