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    Default Here's a quick reminder...

    ... a lesson we nearly learned the hard way!

    We received a high priority e-mail from our TA on Thursday night, which I didn't see until Friday morning because I was out of town on business. A good thing I did...

    She had tried to make our final payment for our upcoming return home to SweptAway, but our charge card was being turned down. The reason? We had our charge card probed a couple of months back, and fortunately the CC company's fraud division picked up on it. We shut the card down, and they issued a new number.

    You know how it goes... you try to turn all your accounts around but you always miss one.

    Anyway, our TA needed updated card information by end of business today (Saturday) or our reservation would be canceled! This could have been a really bad weekend for us, if we had been going anywhere for the weekend, away from our e-mail, etc. As it was, I was able to get our new charge card information to her yesterday morning, and all is well.

    Lessons learned... more diligence with new charge card accounts and be sure to provide your TA with more than one way to contact you!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Phew!! What a nightmare that would have been! Dick paid our trip off on Friday. Glad it all worked out - look forward to meeting you and your wife - 7 weeks and counting!

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    My fiance's card constantly rejects all charges related to our trip. We have to call and tell them they are legit for them to go through. We have had them put notes on the account we are going to Jamaica, and to put the charges through. After we are married, we are switching CC companies.

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    the same thing happened to us on Friday. My credit card got rejected bc the company had a Fraud Alert on it, since it was international. After a few calls back and forth, everything was allll good to go =) We dealt with Nicole from Couples and she was sooo nice and helpful ! only 40 more days till we will be there!!!!!

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