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    Default US Travellers Cheques

    Just want to verify with those that have cashed travellers cheques in Jamaica. Do they give it to you in Jamaican Dollars or is there a way they will give it to you in US Dollars???????

    I am getting married next summer and my photographers wants cash for payment and I don't feel comfortable carrying a large sum of money around for a long period of time.

    thanks for any responses

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    If you exchange at the resort, it's in Jamaican dollars. Not sure about exchanging at the airport. And almost everyone prefers you pay with US. This is from the FAQ section of the website.

    Can we use traveler checks? Where do we exchange them?

    Yes. You can exchange them at the airport, banks, and some stores as well as at the Resort. Please note that you will be charged a transaction fee (usually it’s an additional percentage above the official exchange rate). At the Resorts your traveler’s checks will be exchanged to Jamaican Dollars.

    I've never taken a traveler's check to Jamaica. If I were you, I'd take the cash. Keep it on your person and you'll be fine. Then once you check-in, your room will have a safe. There is also an ATM at the resort if you'd rather use that to get the cash for your photographer (the fee is around $6).
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    I'd carry the cash. The safes in the rooms are quite... well, safe.

    Frankly, my experience has been that Jamaican business people prefer USD to JD.

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