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    Default Kirsty & Dave 15/03/10


    We got married at CSA on 15/03/2010.

    We had an amazing time and we would definitely go back! We had a meeting with the wedding co-ordinators the day after we arrived and did not have to worry or arrange anything after that! We chose the mento band for our music and we had Stacey Clarke doing our photos. I paid for upgraded flowers and to have my nails done the day before. On the day me and my mum got our hair done, whilst Dave and my dad got ready then waited at the bar. We chose to get married in the morning in the gazebo in the garden. We had some photos taken, had some lunch, went on the catamaran then had dinner at the Feathers. It was such a great day!

    We are waiting for our photos and will post some when we get them!

    These are links to photos my mum took:

    If you are planning on getting married at CSA do not worry or stress! It is such a great hotel and the staff are great!

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    Default Photos

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    Congratulations, your pictures are beautiful

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    Amazing slideshow! You were a beautiful bride!

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    Love your pictures...very pretty...

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    Hi Kirsy
    Your pictures are beautiful, can I ask what time you got married?

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    We got married at 11am. We would def chose a morning time again as it was so hot by the afternoon. We also had plenty of time in the morning to have breakfast and get ready without having to rush around


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    Absolutely breathtaking! It makes me that much more excited for our wedding in 7 days!

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    Wow, im jealous that you will be there so soon! Have a lovely vacation and wedding!!

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