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    Default After 8 years, we "elope"

    sounds crazy. We're not hiding it from anyone but it seems a bit silly. I'm a bit sad that my family and friends will not be there with us. So if you will be at CSA on September 1st at 10am swing by and say hello

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    Congrats - we eloped on September 2nd 2003 - although before felt a little sad but in the end were delighted with everything. Enjoy your day in paradise - all will be irie

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    It will be fine being without family there to see your wedding. We were married in March 2007 at COR (Now TI) with out family or friends to attend our wedding and it was still the most awesome experience. The staff seemed like family and they made every detail of our wedding perfect. Many couples watched and congratulated us afterward. We were treated like royalty and I have never felt so special. So don't have any sad feelings...I promise once you get to Couples you will think your family is there!!! In reality...they are just like family. You have made a wonderful choice and you will have memories you will never forget. I think of our Couple's wedding daily and that is what keeps drawing us back to Couples for vacation after vacation! You might want to get it on video in addition to is nice to bring home and share with your family at a reception when you return home. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!

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    I'm sure it will all be fine. I'm not new to couples, so I know we will have a great time no matter what
    Just was feeling a bit sad about it, but I know being "home" will make me feel better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ked23us View Post
    I'm sure it will all be fine. I'm not new to couples, so I know we will have a great time no matter what
    Just was feeling a bit sad about it, but I know being "home" will make me feel better!
    ked if you are feeling so sad why not get married at home with family and honeymoon at csa ?
    By choosing to go to a destination where most family and friends will not be able to join you speaks much louder then words enjoy your trip

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    Unfortunately the cost of a wedding where I live is more that my fiance and I want to spend at this time. We are buying a home, and I'm a student,as well as, a mother to our 2 year old son. After some consideration we decided that "eloping" would be best for us. Although I feel a bit sad that our families will not be attending, I know that this is the best decision. We will be spending less than 1/10 the cost of a wedding and reception, and will have amazing memories of our trip. My fiance and I have never been "normal" so our family expected it, and are happy for us.
    Also, when I think of the fight that we would have had over the guest list (think: "you can't invite Mary if you don't invite Susan") I'm sure we're all better off

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    Default Don't Be Sad - Be HAPPY

    Ked23us - Hubby & I will be celebrating our 29th anniversary this September 7 & if I were doing it all over again we would have our wedding at CN (or CSA - either one is gorgeous) just the 2 of us with our Couples friends looking on. No stress, no worries, just relaxation & the 2 of you in paradise. If you have a big wedding at home with family & friends, you really don't get to spend time with them anyway because there's too much going on. You're tired & stressed. This is for YOU & only YOU!!!!! Enjoy & share your wedding memories with family & friends when you get back home. Have a get together that you can truly be a part of when you get back home, show pictures, video, whatever of your wedding & have time to spend time with all your guests.

    September 2010 is going to find us on the beach renewing our vows & having my "dream wedding" - just the 2 of us on that gorgeouse beach at CN. AAHHHHHHHHHH ............ Perfect!!!


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