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Thread: 24 Days!

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    Default 24 Days!

    24 days until our honeymoon at CTI!!! Can't wait!

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    Is anyone else coming in on April 25th?

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    Default 21 days!

    Hi. It sounds like we will be there around the same time as you. Which couple are you? We are Jim and Lisa, arriving April 25th through May 2nd - WOOOOHOOOOO is right!! We are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. The last time we took a vacation like this was on our honeymoon and we will NEVER wait that long again! So looking forward to this trip. Hopefully, we can all get together!


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    we will be there on the 30th - May 7th.

    First timers....tick..tock.the clock is ticking, and the time is getting so close.
    Thinking, over thinking..what do we need to bring, or NOT to bring..

    I have read that there is no coffee creamer, is that true? OMG..I have to have my coffee with cream!

    Any advise from you old timers..we have never set foot on Jamaican Soil..
    WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

    Mary & Julio
    from Florida

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    They serve coffee with warm cream/milk if desired. It is warm so it doesn't cool off your coffee.

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    Good..I was thinking of bringing dry cream. Thank you Kevin.

    OMG...24 days!

    We are so looking forward to this much needed trip, not only will it be our getaway, we are eloping..we are scheduled to Marry on the Beach..or a better place if someone suggests there is CTI, May 3rd at 10 am

    No one here knows except my 2 kids who are 24 and 29. lol
    we are running away like a couple a fun!

    I cannot think of a better place to start the rest of our life together.
    If anyone has any suggestions, tips, what NOT to bring, what TO bring..we need all the help we can get, don't want to over pack, (I always do that)
    Mary& Julio

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    We are Ashleigh and Trey and we will be on Jamaican soil for the first time! It will be our first real vacation together!

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    Only 18 more days until our honeymoon at CTI!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo yahoo yahoo
    i'm so excited i'm not even gonna wait for the bus in Mo Bay i'm gonna run to the resort.(kidding) it's so close now i can hear the ocean and smell jerk chicken. breathe. . .i gotta remember to breathe. . .way too excited here....yes i'm excited about the wedding too, . . cause soon as its over i'm headed to jamaica mon!!!!yahooooooooooo

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    Default pic of me excited

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    Congrats to you newlyweds to be! With Couples being the perfect place to celebrate a wedding or anniversary, we'll just claim our visit is to celebrate our 27.7th anniversary! We'll be at CTI 4/27 - 5/4 and hope we get to meet you all.

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    Hi all,

    We are Pat and Stacey and coming to celebrate our 17th anniversay! We'll be there 4/30-5/5. Leaving our four boys (12,7,5 and 3)at home with grandma. We are SO excited. We were there in October and had such an amazing trip we had to find a way to get back ASAP!

    Look forward to meeting you all. The piano bar is a blast at night! :-)

    PS In Oct we dove every day (Colin is a ROCK STAR divemaster...we can't wait to see him again.) We also did Dunn's River, Horseback Riding and the Catamaran. Since several of you are first timers, let us know if you have any questions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4boymom View Post
    Hi all,
    We also did Dunn's River, Horseback Riding and the Catamaran. Since several of you are first timers, let us know if you have any questions!
    Since you mentioned it . . . my wife and I are thinking about the horseback riding. She's had a lot of riding experience. I, on the other hand, have always been a little apprehensive around horses after experiencing a wild ride on one when I was a child. Are the horses "spirited" or more docile? I'd like to know what to expect of this activity.

    Also, I've seen it recommended to plan the falls excursion on a day when the cruise ships aren't in port. Would you consider this a major planning point?

    We've done the catamaran cruise at CN and had a blast, so we're definitely planning on CTI's cruise.

    19 more days!

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    17 DAYS! Doesn't seem real with all of the wedding planning going on, but we are so excited!

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    Hi Liquid,

    Horseback riding is great for novices (although your wife might be a little bored.) You basically go in a line with a guide at the beginning and end of the line and 2 or 3 guides in the middle. When you come to stopping points (to admire the view or learn more about the plantation), the guides hop off and lead your horse. You are basically responsible for gently pulling to the left or right with your reins if the horse strays. When you get to the top, you get off the horses for 30-40? minutes where you learn about the local fruits and vegetables and get to try some of them. Very informative and entertaining. Then you are able to feed the ostriches if you desire.

    I'm not sure we will do the ride again (unless there's bad weather) but it is definitely worth doing once! They do a great job with photos too.

    Regarding avoiding the cruise ship...ABSOLUTELY! My husband already checked the schedule for our trip and they are only docking the first and last day of our stay. Last time we scheduled Dunn's River around the ships and there was only one other group of 3 ladies at the falls, so my husband and I climbed them completely by ourselveswith no one else around. It was great! We were the only shuttle in the parking lot when we arrived and our driver told us that on cruise days, the lot would be completely full.

    Hope that helps (I also posted a review of CTI and our excursions on Trip Advisor last October if you want to read more...)


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