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    Default Is it as good as I am hoping?

    My beautiful fiance and I are making our first trip to CSA to get married in October. There are 9 couples going along with us to help us celebrate...We had thought about having a "mini" bachelor/bachelorette party while we are there. The girls are going to do a spa day and I was wanting to have the guys go deep sea fishing. Has anyone ever done the fishing at CSA? If so, is half day or whole day better? If someone has a better idea feel free to let me know! I want to make sure that all of our friends that are going have a great time! We all like to fish and those of us who aren't crazy about fishing like to drink so we should have everyone covered!

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    I bet they would all be as happy to stay at the resort and enjoy the beach.

    Once we arrive we don't have much interest in doing anything other than laying on the beach and enjoying the Jamaica sun and sand.

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    Is CSA as good as you are hoping? NOPE! It's BETTER !!!!

    We met a couple in June at CSA who went deep sea fishing and they were disappointed with it. Hopefully others will chime in with better experiences.

    Other ideas:
    A Golf Day
    Basketball tourney
    Ocean volleyball
    They could try scuba diving together

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    I went deep sea fishing several years ago from CSA and caught a few small snappers and groupers, nothing worth bragging about. I wouldn't worry about it though. Let the girls have their spa day, the guys should plan to hike up the beach, drinking and eating as you go. There are several great jerk shacks on the way, and beer is very cheap. Do this once and you'll probably be begging the girls to do a few more spa days so you can go again!

    When in October are you going? We'll be there 10/23 to 11/1, check out the Halloween thread on the CSA Meet-up At Couples board.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    hubbymon--I can tell you exactly how you will feel after you see CSA. I posted a piece called, "It was wonderful". Although it is about CTI, I'm pretty sure you both will have the same passion and love for CSA.

    "Once you go, you will know"


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    I don't doubt for one second that we will love the resort....this will be my first time outside of the U.S. on any trip like this! I can't even begin to describe how excited we both are!

    Thanks for all of your responses...keep them coming! I like the idea of the guys walking up the beach eating and drinking! Unless anyone has a different opinion of the fishing I may have to switch to that.

    We arrive in Jamaica on October 20th, get married on the 23rd and leave on the 27th.

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    I have no idea why the font kept changing in my last post. It didn't show when I wrote it. Weird!!


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    In answer to your original question.... It's EVEN BETTER!!!!


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    Even Better!!!

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