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    My wife and I went to CN in Feb. and loved it. We didn't really like going into the water nude, because of another resort on one side and the clothed beach on the other side. We felt like we might be offending some people. We want to either try CTI or CSS. Is there a nude beach at CSS and if there is, is is laid out like CN?

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    Oh yes there is a nude beach at CSS. It is called Sunset Beach (SSB) and is by far the best AN area that Couples has to offer. It is in no way laid out like CN. It is completely private and separated from the rest of the resort and there is no other resort connected to it. There is a large pool with a swim up bar and a waterfall grotto area. There is also a hot tub and a full beach grill. The entertainment staff comes over twice a day to play games with the guests which can really be fun. The beach area is very large and deep. The entrance to the water is a little rocky for about two feet but gets nice and soft and sandy after that. SSB is open all day and night but at night the bar and grill is closed. At 5 the area opens up to the clothed guests that want to come over and view the sunset, hence the name Sunset Beach. SSB is open rain or shine and is always a short walk over to regardless of the weather. When we were there the last time I went over one morning and took lots of photos of the area to share with everyone. I created a previous post to show some Panoramic Views of SSB and here are some other photos of the SSB area.

    In contrast, the AN area at CTI is called Tower Isle. It is very nice also and very private. You walk to the end of the pier and get on a small boat that will take you over to the island. It is much, much smaller than SSB but has it's own charm. There is a small pool with a swim up bar but no place to eat. You will need to take the boat back to the resort if you want something for lunch. They have a tower on the island, hence the name, that is pretty cool. The island, which is built on top of a reef so it is very rocky. There is a small, and I mean very very small, sandy area on the resort side of the island where you can enter the water but the current is really strong so not really conducive to swimming. If you do you will also need to watch out for the sea urchins that live in the reef. Now, the island is open from 9am til 5pm, unless they have a wedding scheduled in which they will close the island at 4pm. Also, if it is really windy they will close the island for a while or the entire day. If this happens you have no AN area to go to so hopefully you brought a swim suit because you will need to use the regular beach or pools.

    Regardless of which resort you choose you can sign up to do a trading places so you can go over and visit the other location one day. You just need to be signed up with the romance rewards program. I would advise you to do this. We did and it was great to go over and visit Tower Island. Hopefully I have given you some good information on the SSB and Tower Island locations and this will help you in making your decision.

    Also, I have over 800 photos of CSS that you can view by clicking on the link in my signature under the photo of the palapa.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Yes CSS has a nude beach, so you can go into the water nude if you like. The only people that may see you are some local fishermen in the river down from the beach.

    It is not laid out like CN, it is in cove away from the resort and other motels. It is private with no one walking the beach.
    Irie Mon

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    Not at all. Sunset Beach at CSS is separate from the rest of the resort. It has a pool with swim up bar, a nice sandy beach, a grill, jacuzzi and restrooms. You should be very comfortable there.
    just keep in mind at 5pm, the beach opens to everyone for sunset.

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    CSS does have an AN beach and its not like CN, its much better. Its a short couple minute stroll seperate from the rest of the resort and inclusive of itself. Has its own restrooms, beach, pool w/waterfall, jaccuzi, staffed bar & lunch food grill. After 5pm the textile group is allowed into the area to watch the beautiful sunsets. No comparison to CN. We arrive there again tomorrow!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzer View Post
    My wife and I went to CN in Feb. and loved it. We didn't really like going into the water nude, because of another resort on one side and the clothed beach on the other side. We felt like we might be offending some people. We want to either try CTI or CSS. Is there a nude beach at CSS and if there is, is is laid out like CN?
    from all the replies i've gotten and discussions, Sunset Beach is the AN site, well separated from the resort to make everyone feel more comfortable either way. We will be newbies to CSS in Aug 2010 and are looking for the same type of info
    CTI also has a separate island that you have to take a boat out to get to it. they have you go AN within 10 minutes of arrival time or you will be asked to return to the main resort.
    Hope this helps!

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    Is SSB clothing optional after 5PM? Can you stay on SSB nude after 5PM? Can you use the jucuzi nude in the evening after dinner. We are booked for Dec 11 - 18, 2010.

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    People do use the hot tub and pool at night, but you need to bring your own drinks (most of the time)...never have seen anyone with swim suites on there.

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    There weren't great sunsets the week we were there, but one day a small group did come over to view what sunset there was. We stayed in the pool nude and respected the textilers and waited until they left to get out of the pool. But yes, you can stay nude and go in the pool or hot tub after dark. I wouldn't recommend going in the ocean as it is very rocky and you wouldn't be able to see where you are going.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I say do what you like, after 5 the "others" come and take a look. Honestly many curious folks are there at 5pm on the dot! LOL. Most folks (us included) leave a few minutes before 5. On the nights with dancing open to all not a good idea to go AN. Look at the schedule. One thing I liked about CN is that it is always AN but foot traffic is always there.

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    The ocean is not like CN at all - it's more open and the river that goes in front of SSB is very cold.

    We went into the ocean 1x then decided to hang out at the pool - it's not like CN as far as ocean but in our opinion the bech and pool area was far superior to having ocean availability like CN.

    As far as it turning optional at 5 - we just kept our party going and did not pay much attention to the textile folks. I honestly think they came to look at the sunset not our bare a$$'s
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Do they bring you your drinks at SSB like they do at the regular beach or do you have to go get them yourself? I know at CN you had to go get your own drinks from the bar there. This is our first time at CSS.

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