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    Is a first floor better than a third floor? I will be there on Monday any help with this decision would be great. Thanks Melissa

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    Hi Melissa - I think that it all depends what you are looking for. We prefer the third floor BFVS room - no one stomping around in the room above us, great view of the sunset because it is less likely to be obstructed by palm trees. We also go in January, so we like to sleep with the verandah doors open at night (I would not do this during the summer because of the heat, or in a first floor room). If you are looking to be able to stroll right off your verandah onto to the beach, then a first floor roome is heaven.

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    Better in what way?

    It depends what you prefer AND what's available when you arrive. Why not take a chance and let them place you - this works for most people who are visiting for the first guess is you will love it, wherever you are.

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    We are here now. We are in a beach front verandah and requested a ground floor which we received. Since bathrooms are few and far between on the beach and shade is reserved early we are very pleased to have our room to return to if required. I would next time book just a beach front as the patios are huge and having a TV is not such a big deal.

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    It depends on what you want. We loved having a first floor so we could just walk right out onto the sand. Others prefer the third floor for a higher view and a little more privacy.
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    Thank you for all your replies. I hope to get a third floor corner. We will see or first floor. Thanks again.

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