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    Default Massage Therapists at CSS

    Who are the massage therapists at CSS?

    Who is the best? My wife and I prefer female therapists. Is this possible?

    Are the massage huts on SSB still used?

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    Default ?


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    In all the massages we've had at Couples resorts, there was only one male MT available and he is at Swept Away.

    Ruth at CSS was lovely
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    There are several therapists at CSS. All are certified and I have never seen a male therapist or been offered one. I'm not sure about the massage huts on the beach but you can have a massage in your room for a bit extra. Try the ocean huts by the spa they are WONDERFUL! "Best" therapists? I'm not sure. I enjoyed both Jackie and Ruth. Any therapist will check frequently thru your massage to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying the treatment. If you need any adjustments...speak up! They want you happy!

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