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    Well we made it. 'Tis CSA Eve and we're packed & ready to fly. Maybe this trip I'll break away and 'do you all a solid' & provide CSA Live reports? Love - Razzl

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    Have a GREAT time Wendy!!!!! I doubt he'll remember us - but tell Adrian at the swim up bar hello from Christin. I just loved him! We follow in your footsteps in 7 weeks.

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    Don't even bother RazzleDazzle . Just find me there on Saturday and TELL me about it because I'm right behind ya. You've responded to many of my posts over the last few months so I hope to see ya there.

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    Have a great time!! Leaving Sat. morning for Sweptaway

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    Have a great trip!!

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    I always think and plan to do live updates while I'm there, but once I get into that Jamaica state of mind I lose all control of my ordinary self and have no use of my computer or Blackberry, my best advice is "Just try it, you'll like it".

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