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    Default CTI - House White Wine

    I "meant" to remember the white wine that's served at CTI (buffet). Can anyone help me out with the brand of Chardonnay that's served there?

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    Bumping to see if anyone knows . . . I'd like to pick up a bottle for the weekend. :-)

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    I should have written it down (obviously) as I really enjoyed it.

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    It's a Chilean brand called "Frontera", I think. All their house wines are pretty awful, imho (Chile does not seem capable of producing quality wines at a low price point, in my experience). It's drinkable, but barely. Then again, I'm admittedly a bit of a wine snob, having worked in the retail wine and liquor business for over 3 years.

    That's one of my suggestions for Couples: get some decent house wines! Australia and California make some very nice affordable wines (under $8 retail). For anyone who knows their wines, the wine Couples is serving as their house wines really detracts from the meal. We even tried ordering a bottle of something decent from the wine list one night at Bayside, only to be told they were out of the wines on the wine list! Have you ever heard of a restaurant running out of the wines on their wine list? That was a first for me.

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