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    Default CSA old hats and first timers... two generations... advice?

    Woo-hoo! Just over a month until my husband and I will come home to CSA for the third time. What makes this visit different is that my sister and her husband and our parents will be coming along! It is my parent's 40th wedding anniversary and I want their visit to be spectacular. (Especially since I feel totally responsible for suggesting / pushing CSA on them). My mom doesn't ever really travel internationally and has never been to Jamaica. She has expressed some concerns about a few things... specifically worrying that everyone on the beach would be super fit and fantastic looking in their bikinis (i told her this was not the case) and also concerned about seeing lots of people with no tops on (i also explained that this was the exception rather than the rule). I want their introduction to the couples way of life to be special.... we are planning on treating them to a couples massage and a private dinner on the beach. Any tips for hesitant travelers? I know she is also concerned about being the oldest people there (again, i explained this was not the case - plus, they are only 61!!!)
    What would you suggest for a fantastic first day for first timers? We will be flying in on Timair so we will hopefully get to the resort early in the afternoon. I imagined check in, getting settled in the rooms, a drink or two at the beach bar, taking them on a tour of the property, lunch at the grill or sea grapes, then dinner at patios... but maybe i am overthinking. It is just hard when you love someplace SOOOOO much and you want to make sure that the people you love enjoy it as much as you do.

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    That sounds like a pretty good day... You have a great plan. Maybe introduce her to Ultimate Chocolate too? You've got a pretty full day going there, so it may be a good night to sit on the balcony and just be there.

    It's pretty nerve wracking taking relatives and friends isn't it? We took friends last year and the closer the time got the more nervous I became about whether they would like it or not...

    I shouldn't have worried.

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    Why not let them "discover" some of the resort on their own. Have a great time!

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