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    Hello All. I am looking forward to my first CN visit in July and was wondering if any excursions are included. I seem to remember seeing the bus to Margaritaville runs on Wednesday's but is their a Rick's night? Is there a scheduled catamaran or snorkeling cruise? Thanks so much as the people we are coming with can't seem to sit still and are always on the go!

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    There is the sunset catamaran/booze cruise 2-3 times per week. You just need to sign up. There is a walking trip to a shopping area. And I think there is a trip to Rick's -- or maybe it's Margaritaville -- but you pay for your drinks and food. I think there's also a golf excursion but am not sure as we don't play.

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    Let me assist you in navigating the website.

    Click on the tab at the top of the screen Couples Negril, then scroll down mid page in the left margin click on "What's included" this is the best way to see what each resort offers. Same for a sample menu from each of the restaurants, but realize they are only sample menu's. The accomodations area 360 views will show you exactly what each room category looks like. Hope this helps.

    You will love CN.

    Happy Travels,

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    don't waste your time with ricks. drinks are outrageously priced
    and you'll see the same sunset at the resort. tourist trap!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gary butkus View Post
    don't waste your time with ricks. drinks are outrageously priced
    and you'll see the same sunset at the resort. tourist trap!!!

    While I completely agree the drinks were outrageous, and my husband was not thrilled with the experience either, I felt a visit to Rick's was well worth it once. We have done the Cat cruise to Pirate's Cove, and been to Rick's. I felt the pro cliff diver's at Rick's were outstanding in comparison and something to see, and I thought the sunsets were different from that vantage point as well. Maybe it is a man/woman thing... lol

    While I would not want to spend an entire evening at Rick's,(because of the prices of drinks) going for the sunset and diver's in my opinion was something worth seeing!

    p.s. to the poster, Rick's is not included.
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    I agree with Gary Butkus, Ricks isn't worth it. You can't beat laying back in a chaise lounge with a cold one and your honey watching the sunset at CN. You can also walk across the street to the shopping area yourself, it's safe but be ready to get bombarded with offers to check out each vendors wares. If you learn to say "no thanks" politely, it usually is enough. There really is not a lot of variety, most vendors are all selling the same stuff.

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    Default Rick's Cafe...

    Definitely go to Rick's!!! I agree the drink prices are a little expensive, comparable to what we pay at home in a club; however, the atmosphere is definitely NOT like something we can experience at home. The cliff divers are amazing & something to see and the sunset at Rick's versus CN was the same, but different - to me anyways! I had researched Rick's before our first trip to CN in February and was so happy that we went. In fact, when we go back to Couples, we will again make the trip to Rick's for the evening. We will stay even longer this time to not only experience the divers and sunset but to also hear the evening's planned entertainment as well.

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    We have been to CN 1 time and we also went to Ricks. We had a blast and any future trips to Jamaica will also include a trip to Ricks.

    CN 4-27 5-4 2008
    CN 4-23 4-30 2010 (23 more sleeps. YAAAHOOO!!!)
    Cole and Bry

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