Going to be at CN May 1-8 for first time, and had a couple of quick questions. My husband and I love to hang out on the balcony in morning and pre-dinner, so I wanted to have a sense of what they were like. My questions are: (1) when you're on your balcony is it fairly private, or can you see the balcony (and people on it) next door to you, (2) are the balconies covered (I'm assuming 1st and 2nd floor are, but what about 3rd), so that you can hang there if its raining?, (3) can anyone give a general sense of size? My husband smokes and I'm starting month #4 of no smoking (yay), so I'd like to have a little distance between us when he is indulging, and (4) what's the furniture like? (please tell me there are cushions, as my butt falls asleep in those molded plastic chairs!). Thanks in advance for any pics/descriptions!