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    Default Beaches around CSA

    We will be at CSA the first time, it is a suprise destination trip for my spouse. As we walk up and down the beach, not only by CSA but along the beach of the other resorts, would we see many Au/N sunbathing, or out in the water. I am not sure how my spouse might react. I have no problem with it and I think my spouse will be fine with it, if not caught off gaurd. I know this is something we should expect. We are in Jamaica. I was wondering what other people have experianced.


    1. How do the people at CSA deal with it if someone wants a little more sun, au/n, even when they are kind off by themeselves?

    2. What happens when people are just wading or walking in the water au/n at CSA?

    3. What happens when people are sunbathing or wading au/n along the beach off the CSA grounds. Are ther au/n police that patrol the beaches?

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    There are no A/N sections at CSA. Occasionally, you may see someone going topless, but this is really not the norm and most will only go topless while sitting in a lounge chair. I have never seen anyone walking the beach or swimming topless, but it isn't considered inappropriate for one to do so. I have never seen anyone be rude or disrespectful, nor have I ever seen gawkers.

    As far as the beaches surrounding CSA, I have not come across any A/N sections that I can recall, but I have only walked in the direction of Margaritaville and have not walked past that point, so there is a lot more beach out there!

    I don't think your spouse will be uncomfortable at all while on the beaches at or around CSA. People are discreet and respectful.

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    I don't think CSA has an au naturel side. We were at CN in March and didn't have a problem. The "nudies" stay in the designated area, and if you don't like it, don't look. I'm pretty conservative myself, and wasn't bothered at all. There were women sunbathing topless all over the resort, I got used to this after about 5 minutes. At CN our room was right next to the au naturel area and I never saw anyone fully nude. I was more offended by some of the skimpy men's bathing suits! LoL! We will be going to CSA next month (can u guess we love couples?) and it's not even a concern of mine. To each his own, even if it's something I wouldn't do myself.
    Good luck, you will have a blast and won't have anyone's "junk" right in your face

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    At CSA women are allowed to go topless on the beach but not at the pools. There is no A/N area at CSA. You may see topless women away from the resort but we have been traveling to Jamaica for 12 years and I have never seen (or maybe never noticed as I'm not looking) anything more than a couple of topless women along 7 mile beach.

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    In three trips I have yet to see anybody fully au naturel. There is some topless at CSA as well as up and down the 7 Mile beach, but again no au naturel. Perhaps some of the other resorts have a secluded spot, but we have not seen it on the main beach.

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    Default nude

    we were there and one lady from germany never put a top on the entire time on the beach except for getting in the water. one day she went bottomless as well. nobody stopped her or cared. that was the only one at csa. there isnt another nude beach close to it in either direction to see anyone else.

    There are cops that walk the beach but i dont think its illegal. as long as you arent walking the entire beach naked, they shouldnt care.

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    love couples

    You can walk 7 mile beach from CSA and you will not come across any nude beaches. You may find a few topless but NO NUDE at CSA.

    The only areas that offer nude sunbathing in Negril is HEDO, Grand Lido and Couples Negril.

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    Default Thanks for the question- Many enjoy au/n sun

    We have never been to couples but we have been to many beaches around the world, There have been many beaches that were not nude beaches but people felt free to go au/n and no one ever hassled them. They go for a dip and then back to the beach with no hassles. Is it like that at CSA?

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    Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I was wondering. Au/n and keep to yourself.

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    In 4 trips to Negril,{3 to CSA} I have seen 1 woman walking topless on the beach.A few topless at CSA and an occasional topless at the other resorts. Hope you LOVE CSA as much as we do!

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    Default One more comes to mind...

    Quote Originally Posted by RDYJMJM View Post
    love couples

    You can walk 7 mile beach from CSA and you will not come across any nude beaches. You may find a few topless but NO NUDE at CSA.

    The only areas that offer nude sunbathing in Negril is HEDO, Grand Lido and Couples Negril.
    Firefly Beach Cottages, toward the south end of the beach

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    We've walked as far as Bourbon Beach (around 2-1/2 miles) and in 4 visits to CSA, only saw one person laying in the sun naked. If you DON'T walk the beach, you will miss an opportunity to get a true taste of Jamaica, both figuratively and literally. There are several jerk shacks on the beach, all serving up authentic Jamaican cuisine (not to cast any aspersions on the food at Couples, but we find it more Jamerican than what's on the beach.) There are vendors who will try to sell you everything from t-shirts to shells, hair braids to... well, use your imagination. If you say "no thank you" they will leave you alone.

    As far as the public walking the CSA section of the beach, the resort has uniformed guards to keep them from coming up from the beach to where you are sitting and out of the water as well. There are several musicians who will stop and play for you, of course expecting a tip in return, but if you don't want to participate, just ignore them.

    And reiterating a fact that I and others have stated many, many times, Seven Mile Beach is safe, totally.
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    There is a small hotel called Firefly down Seven Mile Beach that has a very small area where nude sunbathing is allowed. It is visible from the main beach, but very easy to miss too.

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    For those who aren't familiar with the beach at SweptAway, here is the "lay of the land" so to speak...

    The section of 7-mile Beach on which SweptAway is positioned is one long contiguous strand of sugary white coral sand that runs from the northern extent of the "B" resort located just north of SweptAway to nominally the traffic circle in downtown Negril, near where the Negril Yacht Club used to be.

    From there, the Jamaican coast quickly becomes less sandy and more ancient limestone until it becomes an area known as The Cliffs that stretches all the way to the Negril Light House at West End.

    You can find a really good map of these areas on some of the other Negril-related websites.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    The most you will see at CSA is boobs unless you walk down the beach to the right to the "H" resort. If seeing boobs bother you better not leave the country. You'll have a great time just relax and go with it!
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