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    Default layover in Baltimore?

    Hopefully booking our 2nd trip to Couples! For our flight, we have the option of a 55 minute or 3 hour layover in Baltimore. I would LOVE to do the 55 minute, but I'm nervous about catching our next flight to paradise. Too many horror stories of waiting on the runway. We can only pull off a 5 day trip, so I need to make the most of it. What would you do??

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    I would take the 3 hour layover, 55 minutes is way too close, just one little delay could cost you big time. BWI is my home airport and although it is very organized and well laid out, 55 minutes in my book is just too tight......enjoy

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    We have a 1 hour layover in Atlanta on the way to Couples and 1.5 hours on the way home - I'll let you know how it works out - keeping my fingers crossed. We fly out of Albany, NY probablyng no problem there - just a little worried about having to wait for a gate when we arrive in Atlanta. We will have our running shoes on! We leave on the 10th.

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    i would take the 55 minutes, if they cause you to miss the 1st flight they should automatically book you on the next flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbcwp View Post
    i would take the 55 minutes, if they cause you to miss the 1st flight they should automatically book you on the next flight.
    Agreed, however, if the next flight is oversold, you may lose an entire day. I am still of the opinion (and we all know about opinions) to start your relaxation early. Don't stress out on the flights, be in chill mode before you arrive

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    Default Take the 55 minute but ...

    Take the 55 minute connection and you'll have the 3 hour connection as your back up. But if you're concerned about the later flight being full you can go to the airline website to see how full it is by "pretending" you are booking the later flight. As part of that process you can see a seat map of available seats. If it looks too full (if most of the seats are already taken) then you can decide if you are willing to take the chance on the 55 minute connection. You should also research what other airlines offer flights to MBJ around the same time so if you do miss the connection and the 3 hour is full, you can politely suggest the get you seats on one of the other flights (on other airlines). If it is a major carrier, they can "write you over" to another airline. 55 minutes is a legal connection at BWI or the airline couldn't offer it. If you miss the connection due to circumstances beyond your control, the airline should offer alternatives to the destination and keeping you overnight is normally the last resort. Be pleasant and if the regular gate agents can't help, ask for a supervisor. Rule of thumb is be prepared with alternatives before you go and treat the airline people with respect and you will usually be accomadated. Sitting on the beach with a cold Red Stripe 2 hours earlier is worth it (if you are prepared for the potential speed bumps)

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