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    Default April 17th Amigos

    Will you be on our bus to CTI? What time do you arrive?

    Only 3 Fridays or 16 days till paradise.

    Steve & Nathalie around 11:20ish.
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    Here is a list of Amigos that are arriving on the 17 Chances are pretty good that you will see some of them on the bus.
    I don't know what time they are arriving.

    Rick & Anne
    Matt & Mary
    Keith & Heidi
    Tony & Barbara
    Julie & Cody with friends
    Steve & Brenda

    We will be waiting to see you out on the rock.


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    We will be arriving around 12:30ish. Can't wait! Only 17 more days!
    Julie and Cody

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    Hi We should be arriving about 4.30-5ish after a long flight from the UK
    Ellie & Simon

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    Default April Amigos


    We will be arriving from Phila around 12:45pm.

    Barbara & Tony

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    Come on, any more brits going on the 17th 12.45 Virgin plane out of Gatwick!!!

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    Default Almost There...

    My Fellow April Amigos,

    6 days to go!! Almost back in paradise once again my friends. Just have to get through the next few days and make it to Fri and then the party starts!

    Can't wait to get there and see all of you mis amigos!!


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    We will be landing at noon. Can't wait. Single digits are here.

    Matt and Mary

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    landing @ 10am --- be over @ CTI by 1pm

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