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    Default 4pm ceromony on the beach busy????


    we will be renewing our vows on the beach in CTI at 4pm, has anyone any idea if the location is private, or will there be lots of people subathing around the area?
    also, we wanted to have some photos taken at sunset and are booking the resort photographer does anyone know how long he will stay around for, for photos?

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    Default Photographer question

    We were married in the Gazabo in the garden @CSA 2/27/09, it was very quiet and beautiful. The house photographer was with us and finished arond 5:45, so too early for sunset pics, but the pics were awesome. Here are some.
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    Default Picture

    We were married on Feb 13th 2010 @ 3pm.

    We were with Rohan for about an hour and a half afterwards.

    He got this great photo at sunset of us on the steps to the beach by the main pool.
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    No the beach is not private. There were people sitting litterally less than 10 ft away from me during the ceremony. But I already knew that it honestly didn't bother me. But it's busy all day so there's no real good time to avoid the traffic. Everyone was very nice about not getting in the way of our pics and things like that, people just like to watch I watched a couple of weddings myself but if you want something private then you should get married at the gazebo.

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    Default re pictures

    thanks for posting your photos for us to see, they are fab, wishing you both all the very best
    tony and lorraine

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    Yes, there will still be people on the beach and in the water at 4pm. However, in all of our trips, people are very considerate of weddings/vow renewals, so no worries. But don't expect the beach to be private.
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    I wanted to have or renewal at 4 on the beach when i arrived last week. As i walked the grounds the lawn area that overlooks the ocean was the most beautiful place ever. My hubby and i decided to move the ceremony to the sea wall. the beach ceremonies are next to the volleyball net and just was not as romantic as i had hoped. the resort photographer took us where ever we wanted to take pictures and they are incredible. the day was so much more than i had hoped for. you can make so many decisions when you get there so go with an open mind. Enjoy

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    many thanks for you advise, im beginning to think of changing the location, im sure we can still get photos by the beach

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