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    Good Day All,

    I never see any posts specific to Great House Verandah Suites. So, I am asking how are these rooms different than the Garden, Beach and Ocean front Suites. Also do these rooms have the wooden louvers above the bed?

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    They are different because they are located in the Great House. All of the rooms open into a hallway, like at a hotel. The Garden, Ocean and Beachfront Verandah Suites are each in one of four smaller buildings and they open to the outside. These Verandah Suites (as well as the other non-verandah suties) have first floor options.

    We stayed in an Ocean Verandah on the first floor and LOVED it! I'd be happy to share our pictures if that would help (
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    Thanks Amy that would be great if you can send the pictures. I am really confused at this point. I'm sure I will like the room I just wanted more of a cabin feel.

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    I would appreciate any photos of the ocean veranda suite. Where on the property was it located?

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