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    Im getting married and is booking for CSA for my wedding in Nov 2012. I have 3 sisters and one is not married I want them there as bridesmaids . But wondering seeing the resorts are for couples only . Would there be a problem for a single person , she is 29. I hope no problem

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    Couples allows you to have so many single guest based on how many total in your group. And room rates are for couples and so thats what she will be charged. But it does raise the question as to where should Couples draw the line with allowing singles and/or people who arent really a couple but are willing to share a room/bed to be there.

    I personally dont care as long as she understands that couples is for couples in love not a place to meet men or a place to go spring break crazzy, lol. But can also see where having to many singles would start to ruin the attmospher so many of us look forward to.

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    i have asked this question before so trust me you dont really want to ask it too many times on these boards...causes an uproar it seems!! hahahah We already know its a COUPLES resort however we all need an exception to be made here and there and i dont think one 29yr old woman will ruin anything for anyone else, so my suggestion is bring her! double check prices with the resort and dont get too many opinions from here about this topic because once i did that it made my thoughts sway back and forth. I am in the same situation with my future sis-in-law so i understand! so long story short...get the factual info from the resort staff and then decide if its worth the $ for a single...i wouldnt worry too much about everyone elses opinions on here since they may not even be there the day of your wedding!

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    My younger sister (20) is my bridesmaid. When we booked the rooms last year, she had a boyfriend, and now she is single. One of her close female friends is coming with us instead. They are young but both understand this is not a spring break party resort. Maybe I'll give them some fake rings so they blend in a bit better.

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