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    Default Art and Francine

    Hello there! We will be going to CN in April!! We arrive on the 2nd and leave on the 11th. Hope your dates are around the same time! It was a pleasure meeting you both. Kim Robinson

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    Another Couples Negril April Fool.

    Welcome to the family of Coupleholics.

    We arrive on the 10th so look for the neon green April Fools hat. I'll be under it!

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    Default April fools

    Hello there. We are looking forward to meeting you in April. We were there this year in April. Art and Francine where are you??? Kim

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    Hi Kim,
    GREAT to hear from you!! We are Hoping to get to CN in APRIL - Our 25th Wedding Anniversary is April 16th and our dream is to stay for 10 days... so I don't think we will be arriving until the 15th...
    So, sorry to say, I think we will miss you two... but you never know....
    If not this year, then maybe next..
    Hope all is well with you and yours and hope to see you in Paradise Again Soon!!!
    Thanks for thinking of us...
    A & F

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    Jim, RDYJMJM,

    Kim and her hubby are already Coupleholics - they're the nice couple that brings a Suitcase full of school supplies and visits the local school with Maureen. Kim has previously posted some great pics with all the adorable school kids that she helps...

    VERY NICE FOLKS... we met them at CN last April when they were lucky enough to stay for 2 full weeks (a dream for us)...

    Have Fun! ENJOY!!! A & F

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    Ran into A&F at the Wharfside on the Shore. Stopped for a toast and pic.

    The Kids
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    Hey Mike And Tinab69,

    LOVE you Kiddos!!! Miss you Lots!!! Why can't I open the pics???
    Hope you are having a Sensational Summer!!!!! XO

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    Oops!!! Pics are now "up".... Had a GREAT Time!!! Nice Shot TinaB.....
    You Guys are Too Funny!!! We're still at the Jersey Shore, where'd you go? Oh yeah, back home to make more $ to get back to CN!!!

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    Default Art and Francine

    We are also going to Negril Dec. 2nd to Dec. 11th 2010. When do you go in Dec? Would really love to see you two next year. We are renewing our vows at this time. We are going to CTI on Thanksgiving this year to see the old girl. Hope to see you soon. Kim and Wayne Robinson

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    Hi Kim and Wayne, WOW!! You already have 3 Great trips to look forward to!
    We haven't thought beyond April, so maybe next December will work out..... we have a lot of stuff that has to fall into place before we can make those plans...That's exciting that you two are going back to CTI - from what we hear you are going to LOVE it!!!
    A & F

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