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    Default Non Smoking Rooms?

    My new husband and I will be heading to CSA on August 5, and we can't wait!! Is smoking allowed in the guest rooms? I didn't see an option when we booked to select non-smoking. I'm fairly sensitive to cigarette smoke, so I was hoping we won't have a room that smells of stale smoke. Can anyone help?

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    Don't worry, there is no carpet or soft surfaces for the smell to stick in.

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    We have never had a room that smells of smoke any any of the four Couples. Most people smoke on the balcony and the room furnishings are not the type that hold a smoke smell.
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    I am the same way and we had the BFS and could not tell if anybody smoked. In fact even in anyplace there we could not tell so you will be fine and will have the time of your life. Just got back cannot wait to go again. LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT THERE Jane

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    It probably wouldn't hurt to bring along some type of room freshener just to play it safe. From what I've read in here, even if the rooms don't smell of smoke, some carry a mildewy 'aroma', at least some of the bathrooms do.

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    We stayed in an atrium and an ocean verandah and we had no smoke smell. I was worried about it beforehand, but no problem.

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    I have asthma,and am very sensitive to smoke. We've been to CSA 3 times (BFVS) and have never noticed a smokey smell in the rooms. I guess it could theoretically happen if a very heavy smoker had your room before you check-in. But in that case, you could just request a room change. Really, there's on carpeting or heavy drapes to hold the smell.

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    Thank you guys so much! You have put my mind at ease. I am counting the days until our trip. I have 2 friends who just got back from Jamaica (although sadly, neither stayed at Couples) and they have been talking about how amazing their trips were. I can't wait!!!!

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