Well as we hopefully prepare to depart (see more on this below), I again want to say how helpful these boards have been. Since booking our trip in January, I've continued to visit 2 to 3 times a day just to browse. I continue to pick up great tips. Just today someone posted that the A/C at CSA is in celcius and to know what the conversion is. I like my room, be it winter or summer, to be set at 72 degrees. So I looked that up and I now know to set my A/C at CSA to 22.22 degrees celcius for a week of comfort. Just small tips like that can be priceless. Being type A, I've organized a sheet of tips by subject from arriving at the airport to some of the recommended dishes at the restaurants. So beginning Saturday, if you're walking by the GreatHouse and you hear a little Jimmy Buffett playing from the iPod , stick your head in the door and say "Hello GoPanthers, we'll see you down on the beach for a cold drink."

That being said, we won't know until tomorrow if we'll be able to make this particular trip. My wife's mother was once again diagnosed with breast cancer last week after 17 years of being cancer free. Fortunately they caught it early and she meets with the surgeon today. Depending on when the surgery is scheduled for, we might have to cancel and re-schedule for a later date. I'm fortunate to, after much debate, have purchased the trip insurance and they were great when I called them to ask a few questions and get a claim form....just in case.

Given the circumstances, I feel a bit selfish being concerned about our trip, but I am hopeful that it works out for everyone...that we'll be able to go on our trip and that my mother-in-law will once again beat this cancer and have successful surgery. Luckily my wife's sister has planned a trip down to visit her mom well before we knew about any of this. So if we are gone for a few days, she'll still have a family member close by.

In the meantime, I'll ask for your thoughts and prayers.