I know I have seen a million posts about which resort to choose, but I am having a terrible time deciding! We are booking our first Couples vacation for February 2011 and can NOT decided between CSA and CN. Who has been to both and can you tell me what you liked better about one or the other? It's consuming me! I am so excited to have the decision made and then start counting the days. My husband and I are planning this trip after a crazy couple of years, we were divorced after 14 years of marriage and then less then 3 years later remarried last month. Life throws you some crazy challenges and we have learned so much from them. We are happier than ever and so are our 3 kids Now for some needed relaxation and romance! We didn't have a honeymoon this time around and are going to renew our vows while at Couples. OK, enough rambling... can someone help?? Thanks so much!