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    Default 25th anniv.

    Just wondering if anyone has done the private dinner on the beach? What is the cost and is it worth the $

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    The cost for a private dinner is $170, and includes a bottle of Couples' private label wine. Is it worth it? Well it is your 25th so IMHO it is. You can also have a very romantic dinner delivered to your balcony or in your room from room service and there is no charge for that

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    The dinner is very nice and a great memory. You select your menu from a choice of 2 and then have a private waiter. If there is something on the menu you are allergic to or don't like, they will work with you to design a menu to your liking. The cost is $170 and includes a bottle of Couples wine or you can pay $150 and get the house wine.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We thought about doing the dinner for our 25th but I tell you, the food is so great all over the resort that we didn't want to leave the restaurants and we just went to a small table at dinner in the corner and toasted with champagne and it was awesome!

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    We went to CSA the first time for our 25th anniversary also. We thought about the dinner on the beach, but decided to go with a vow renewal instead. It was a one or the other decision for us because of the cost. Anyway, we were very happy with the vow renewal ceremony and in our subsequent trips to CSA, our fourth is coming up in June, we have not even considered the private beach dinner. It looks wonderful walking by in the evening and seeing the tables set up in the sand, with candles lighting the path. But it is just not something we feel the need to do. But that's just us. If the idea appeals to you I'm sure you will have a delightful time. I think you can have an equally romantic dinner at Feathers. But then mrs. dirtleg and I even find lunch at Seagrapes to be romantic. I suppose we are just not very sophisticated.

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    I'm with you dirtleg. We decided to renew our vows at CN back in 2004 instead of the dinner. It was a lot more memorable and more significant for a 25th I think. Every dinner, every night with my honey in Jamaica is romantic thanks to Couples. 43 hours to the wheels touching down at MBJ. It's IRIE MON!!

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    Sue and I renewed our vows for 25 years in 2006 at Swept Away and had the private dinner on the beach for our dinner that night. i was perfect for us and i hope your trip is a wonderful experience.


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