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    Default Sans Souci Review!!!!!

    Just got back to Maine from 1 week in Paradise aka Couples Sans Souci! This was my husband and mine's honeymoon, first trip to Jamaica and to an AI resort. If I am all over the place forgive me, still adjusting getting back to reality. Going to review our trip for everyone so here goes.....

    The drive from Montego Bay was a breeze, long but you get to see parts of Jamaica that you may not otherwise.
    Arrived and was warmly greeted with a glass of champagne and a cool towel.
    Our room was not going to be ready that night (Orignally booked Block A). So they asked if we wouldn't mind staying in a different room for 1 night in G Block. With this they also gave us a $200 spa credit to use. We didn't mind at all. We actually ended up liking the "new room" Which was G16. It overlooked the mineral pool and got to see lots of ocean!! We liked it so much we stayed in this room for the full week! No problem!

    Pallazina for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My husband and I were always pleased wth the food.
    Casanova - Delicious sums it up!!
    Beach party - Buffet style, very pretty and again food was good!
    Starlight Gala - The set up is beautiful, all the lights, and the food was delicious
    Beach Bar and Grill - Good pub like food, burgers, fries etc....
    In-Room Dining - Good food, what I liked most were the staff that brought it to us. They were all SOOO nice!

    **Spa - I am not one who likes to get massages, I've had them before but never really a fan. While at Sans Souci I had 2!!! I got Kenneth each time. Who again was so nice, and made me a fan of getting a massage!

    **Bars - We hung out most days in the main pool so most drinks we got were at the swim up bar. However we did go to the Beach bar and the Balloon Bar and were always greeted with a smile and a "No Problem"

    **Beach - Was nice, I don't really like the ocean so we didn't spend too much time here.

    **Grounds - I cannot say enough about this property. This place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So many nooks & crannies to explore. Everyday we would see something new and pretty!!

    **Employees - Cannot say enough about the staff at Sans Souci! Every single person we came in contact with the moment we arrived were unbelievably nice. Reception, guest services, bartenders, wait staff, housekeeping, One guy that maintain the grounds - he offered to take our picture while he was working!! Couldn't believe it!!! The entertainment staff were great! From dancing for us, getting us to dance they were all a blast!!

    I hope this helps anyone who may be deciding which Couples to pick. I may be forgetting some things, so do not hesitate to ask me!
    We are already making plans to go back!! My husband wants to try Tower Isle next time, but I had such an amazing time at Sans Souci I don't know if I could EVER go anywhere else!!!
    Either way I know we will stick with Couples Resorts!!!!

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    can't wait to go in August!

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    Welcome to the Couples Family! Once you know!

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    Thanks for the great review! I was second guessing myself and my decision to book at CSS but hearing from someone who recently returned has put me back in the Sans Souci frame of mind! Now if I can just get past the waiting part :P

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    Thanks for your review. So glad to hear you had a great time.
    We are going with our friends to Sans Souci - first time to ever try a Couples - this Dec. - and just booked today!

    You are making me wish the next 8 months away til we go

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    Thanks for posting! I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow's Wednesday deal will be for CSS in October - we will be on our honeymoon. Can't WAIT to get there!!

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    This review was nice and too the point. I am so glad that u had a wonderful time. We r so ready to go but, we have a very long wait, until 09/2011. I knew the moment we got married that we would celebrate our 10-yr anniversary in Jamaica. Did u take part in any of the resort and off resort activities?

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    We leave for CSS in 2 weeks from tomorrow and I can't wait---we have never been to Jamaica and we have never stayed in an all-inclusive before. I am nervous about the drive from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios---tend to get car sick. Thanks for all the views---it helped us out a lot

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    I'm glad this helped everyone!!!
    spice505 - We went kayaking & glass bottom boat on site. We did Dunn's River, which was very fun! Also went on the shopping trip, which I was nervous about at first. Another couple went and said it was very safe, which it was!

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    So glad to hear you loved CSS. It is also one of our favorites and we can't wait to get back there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    That's good! I too was nervous about the shopping trip. You have eased my concerns, thank u. I am glad that u had a wonderful time!

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    Thank you so much for the review, it was really informative. We are going May 8th and I still have questions about how we go about signing up for activities, what days are best, etc. We are so excited, can't wait to go and meet new friends

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    Good deal. We are heading there this Oct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom pink 15 View Post
    We leave for CSS in 2 weeks from tomorrow and I can't wait---we have never been to Jamaica and we have never stayed in an all-inclusive before. Thanks for all the views---it helped us out a lot
    ....You're going to love it. You will be pampered like never before!

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    Thanks for the review. We will be at CSS June 3-7. Can't wait.

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    Default Prettiest place we've been

    Thanks for the reminder of just how awesome CSS is. We cannot wait to return. Finances have us going to another less expensive country & resort next fall, but JM & CSS are always at the top of our want list. We noticed most of all just how relaxed we were after our time at CSS. We had lots of time for just 'us' while there. When we came home, we were refreshed and ready to 'actively participate' in the next 11-12 months before we could return, as opposed to 'enduring' the months in-between vacation times. We ought to be able to write the trip off as a work expense, eh!

    It's not that we're unhappy about our next planned excursion, we just know that once you experience the best, the rest just don't measure up, no matter how many STARS the places have.

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    I really enjoyed your review of CSS..Couples Sans Souci

    CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia and his staff go to great lengths to please their guests and we do appreciate them.

    CSS has become one of our most favorite spots in the world.


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    GREATEST, this is one of the greatest resorts we have been to. theres really nothing else to say. GO

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    Default june css

    Thanks for the review it was very good, we will be there in 11 days, not looking forward to the 10 hour flight, but i know it will be worth it.

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    This was a great reveiew!! I cannot wait to come there myself. Me and my fiancee will get married there on 7-12-2010 and we are so excited. We have been to Jamaica before, but this will be our first time at a Couples Resort. I am hoping that everything will be ok in jamaica by then. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommypink15 View Post
    We leave for CSS in 2 weeks from tomorrow and I can't wait---we have never been to Jamaica and we have never stayed in an all-inclusive before. I am nervous about the drive from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios---tend to get car sick. Thanks for all the views---it helped us out a lot
    Mommypink...I think we will be there the same time? We are getting there on the 14 and staying through the 19th! Hope to see you there. It is also our first time to Jamaica and AI resort!

    This was a very nice review...can't wait to get there!!!!

    Natalie and Jeff

  22. Default room G16

    we're from belgium and this christmass we want to go to CSS. Do you have some pictures of the room and a map of the resort? So we can see where the room is. Was it an ocean suite?Is there internet in the room?
    Can you answer me before friday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Is there internet in the room?
    wifi just about everywhere across CSS, with at least 3 routers (CSS1, CSS2, CSS Spa) depends on where you are on resort. Was also told by a fellow Brit that he got wifi on his Iphone on the beach.

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    Hi..just a quick question.... Are shorts for men allowed in Palazzina Restaurant ? We were there 2 years ago and men were allowed to wear shorts, and I just noticed the dress code states shorts are not allowed? Now I am confused. We will be there 3 weeks from today !! WOOOHOOO !!

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    I wore 'em every morning to breakfast last July. Hope to do the same this July. See ya there.


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