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    Default Swimup pool bar? Delroy at CSA?

    We were there at CSA in Sept 2007 (long time ago i know!) we are heading back home finally June 13 this year!!!! last time we were there Delroy worked at the swimup bar and he was awesome, a lot of fun!!! is he still there? it would be great to see him again! oh and also "BIG D" Delano. he was on the entertainment crew in 2005 and in 2007 he was in sales i think. he is awesome, even though he was moved to sales, he had asked to be our server during our private dinner on the beach and did a lovely job! If anyone sees these 2 guys, tell them Chris&Jenn are coming home! Who is on the entertainment crew now?

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    Delroy should still be holding down the little island bar in the middle of da pool..

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    Delroy was working in Feathers the first week of March. He introduced us to his specialty...the Wet and Slippery. Awesome! We agree...he's the best!

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    Never been but we are going for our honeymoon June 13 - 20th. See you there! Can't wait.

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    I would like to hear who is on the entertainment staff now. We were at CSA in June 2008 and Dexter was on the entertainment staff. We are also going back June 13th.

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    Default For randymon

    Please relay a message for me!! We love Delroy!!! He was a bartender at the swimup bar back on 07. some recently have said they seen him at the bar and others seen him serving at feathers! i hope he was at feathers just filling in and helping out and not there permanently. Please let management know that he's a great bartender and A LOT OF FUN!at the swim up bar and no one else can top him!!! We will be there June 13-2- and hope to see Delroy at the swimup bar!!!

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    Look for Jason "The Legend" on the entertainment staff now. You'll probably see him first if you take part in the orientation. He's a very talented young man and extremely personable.

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    Jenn, great to see you again. we saw Delroy last October and Big D as well. the Entertainment staff has had some changes since you last were at Swept Away but they new folks are great. enjoy your trip back "home". we return in 18 days.


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    I'm getting so excited!!! I can't wait to see everyone again!!! I'm going to do roll call for June, i expect u June-comers to respond!

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