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    Default No Special Requests Considered?

    We are booking today for 13 days at Couples Sans Souci - another couple will be coming with us for 10 days. This will be the first time for all of us to do a Couples Resort.

    We asked the Travel Agent to request: kingsize bed, building D, 3rd floor.

    I have just read in another thread that these requests are not considered and your room assignment is done when you arrive at the resort?

    I kinda think that is unfair. We are booking 8.5 months before travel - asking for a few considerations - we can't control what time our flight arrives - and someone who books way after us, just because their flight arrives sooner can get their requests and we may not?

    Just asking for clarification.


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    Default Regarding room requests

    I think all would be better served to remember that request does not equal entitlement. To expect a request such as room location to be fulfilled is to set yourself up for disappointment; much better to be pleasantly surprised if it does come to pass.

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    Oh, I am not trying to be a "_ _ _ hole" at all - by no means. It is just there is a spot when booking for "comments", which I was told when I called the 1-800 # was where to put in your special requests (she did say it was a request only and may not be filled) - so I just wonder if there is a spot to make requests, why isn't there the opportunity that the request may be filled - as opposed to first come first serve the day you arrive.

    (The reason I request in advance for 3rd floor, is I am an extremely extremely light sleeper and when we did have a room above us I could not sleep due to furniture being moved around or people in heels, etc. - it is just a much more relaxing and rejuvenating vacation if I can get that 3rd floor, that's all)

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    The people you will be dealing with when you check in at any Couples resort are some of the most caring, gracious, and wonderful people you will ever encounter anywhere on earth. Trust me, I have been all over the world and can personally attest to this. While I can not guarantee any results, I will tell you this. The use of terms like 'please", "thank you", and "if at all possible, could you" will open up possibilities for you that you would not believe. The other advice I give you is your presentation, demeanor, attitude, and graciousness towards the people you deal with will be noted by them and you will reap any benefit that you should have.

    Like landj said above and I will restate, don't go in thinking you are entitled. Go in with a smile, happy to be there, looking to have fun and hoping to make everyone you encounter have a great experience.

    Remember, the staff at Couples gets up every morning with the intent of making you happy. In our four trips there, I have always felt like every staff member thinks I am the only guest on the property.
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    Quote Originally Posted by REH View Post

    I kinda think that is unfair. We are booking 8.5 months before travel - asking for a few considerations - we can't control what time our flight arrives - and someone who books way after us, just because their flight arrives sooner can get their requests and we may not?
    It sounds more like you expect to have your requests take precedence over others. Rooms are assigned at check in and no one is guaranteed a location. No, you may not get your "requests" as they are just that.

    How about people that pay a lot more because they waited to book? honeymooners? groups? The list of people that feel entitled to have their requests take priority is endless. This is quite a burden for Couples IMO.

    Couples will do the best they can for you at check in. IMO, to expect more than that is presumptuous.

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    The only guarantee for you, and for people who arrive before or after, is the type of room you booked. I would imagine that many of us would request the same room (i.e. first floor, corner). There is no way that Couples could accommodate everyone's specific room request, no matter how far in advance we book.
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    REH, at this time, Couples does take requests into consideration but without any guarantees. They do try their best to accommodate their guests, but the logistics of holding a room from guests who may arrive hours or even days before you would be extremely difficult. The best you can do is make sure to book the proper room category that matches up to the location you desire.

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    Default Re: room requests

    Your travel agent should have told you that all rooms have king size beds. As far as the request for buildings and floors, it is the same at any hotel/resort that you book a room at. They will take your request into consideration, but do not want to guarantee that you will get your request in case something were to come up.

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    First of all, requests ARE considered. They're just not guaranteed. And not getting your request is not an issue of arrival time, but rather giving people what is available at the time.

    The logistics can get quite tricky on a large scale, but look at it this way. Let's say you need to reserve a car for a week. You need a mid-size, but you request a blue Ford Taurus. Six days before the date you reserved, I go to the rental agency and ask of a mid-size. All they have available is a blue Ford Taurus, and I won't have it back before the day you need to pick it up. Should they let that car sit there for a week and not generate any revenue? Should I have to settle for a compact when a mid-size is available, again resulting in less revenue for the rental agency? Should they give me a luxury sedan for the price of the mid-size, when there is demand for that car, and again generate less revenue?

    Now let's assume you and I both need a car on the same day. I have no preference, you have the same preference as above. I need mine at noon, and you need yours at 4:00. Two Tauruses will be available that day. A blue one is available at noon, and a red one is being returned at 3:00. Do they make me wait until 3:00 so the blue will be available when you get there at 4:00? Do I have to settle for a compact, or do they have to upgrade me to a luxury...?

    Now take that simple scenario and apply it to the scale of a resort like Couples... But if you politely remind them when you check in, they'll do their best to give you one if it is available.

    FYI, 8 1/2 months is not that much of an advanced booking. We, and most of our friends, book 12 - 14 months in advance.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
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    There are so many variables in booking rooms - I think it would be very difficult to give everyone the room they request! One thing going wrong and it could upseet soooooooo many people. They are smart to do it the way they do.
    I figure it can't hurt to ask and if there are several different rooms available and 1 in the building I request - I might get it. If not - you are in sunny Jamaica compared to the cold northeast (as I am) - so I don't worry about it. You'll have a great time!

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    I think it would be a nightmare for the resort if they had to reserve specific room, build, or floor. Rooms would have be left empty waiting for guest, as not all of us travel on the same day or have the same lentgh of stay. Not to mention the lose of profits this might cost thus causing a rise in price.

    Cross your finger and hope you get the room you want knowing that they will do everything they can to make your stay wonderful.

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    But, you MAY get your request.
    We booked 15 months ahead and it's our 4th trip.
    We are bringing 3 other couples with us.
    REH,see how this could get out of control?

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    I agree with the second post... its a request. Couples can (usually does) provide for anything you ask... except to move someone out of your preferred room.

    Personally, I think Couples offers so many different options that nearly anyone who has the good fortune to be able to call their favorite property "home" can be accommodated with their preferred accommodation class. I seriously don't know what more they can do.

    Surely, we who have been more than once have our favorite suite... some of us have even been lucky enough to have had the same favorite room more than once. And that's what it is usually... luck.

    My old friend Cornell once said that his favorite room at Couples "is the one that our room key opens". Truer words have seldom been spoken.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We are hoping for the same exact room type. On the day you arrive, ask them what you are wanting, and they will try to accommodate. As many have said, there are no "bad" rooms. I'm just thrilled to be going to paradise with the man I love.

    No worries, mon!

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    We booked more than a year out and I would be really upset if they showed priority to someone else. I mean we paid the same amount as everyone else, and expect the same treatment. First come, first serve makes sence to me, since all the rooms are amazing and one really isnt that much better than another. How do you know this is really the room you want if you havent been there yet? Pictures are one thing but wait until you are there and see what room you get, you will be in paradise so trust me the room will not matter. Your only in it for a little while anyways. Who wants to sit in there room when you are on an amazing beach.

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    One suggestion beyond your TA request, is to call the resort about a week prior to arrival. That is what I did on our trip this past January. I was told that they couldn't guarantee it but would they note my reservation. When we arrived at CN I did ask if that was noted and they did see it on the reservation and were able to accomodate us. I also requested a room on the third floor for my brother who was arriving two days later. They were also very nice and put him in the building next to ours on the third floor.

    A smile and paitence goes a long way when making a request, even one so simple. I've read on the board where people don't find the check in staff super friendly, but as a repeater I have found them to be efficient as well as accomodating. They will do their best and that is all you should ask of them. I am sure they will accomodate you if at all possible. Maybe not the exact building, but maybe the one next to it...etc. Also, if I am not mistake, aren't all the beds king size at the resort? So you may be worrying about that particular request for no reason.

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    The only thing you can choose ahead of time is your room category.

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    OK - other than hotels where you're a frequent guest and have special consideration from that perspective (ie points/frequent guest miles, etc.) what hotels anywhere are going to give you the kind of consideration you're looking for?? Sorry buckaroo, but just chill and when you get to the resort (politely) make your request. You may be pleasantly surprised at how a nice smile and "I'm really happy to be here" will get you far at check-in!!

    And FYI, all rooms have King Size beds, so you're safe on that account.

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    You are correct sir or my lady. Some people just think a request is a given. If I were these people, I would wait to complain AFTER I did not get me request. As you said, they most likely WILL get their request but then maybe not.... Don't worry, be happy.

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    If you've never been there, how can you have such specific room requests?? LOL

    Some people go every year, or more often, and know what general area they like, or have a favorite room they might request for sentimental reasons. It makes no difference when someone books their trip- a room is not "held" for months....
    Since you will be there for 2 weeks, try out the room you get and then see about a change, if you still want to.
    It's a beautiful property... You will love it.

    You can be assured you will have a king sized bed!

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    In our experience, special requests ARE considered. It has less to do with when you book and when you arrive, however, and more to do with how their bookings work for the particular week that you are there.

    Couples will do everything within their power to make certain that you have a wonderful holiday, but like landj said: request <> entitlement.

    We have always gone with the attitude: If we can get our request, GREAT! if we CAN'T get our request: STILL GREAT!

    Oh and BTW: The more generic your request, the better the chance of you getting it. The King bed is a given, so you might decide what's more important: D Wing or 3rd floor. (I'd go with D wing, myself.)

    Have a wonderful trip.


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