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    Hello!! I was wondering if the gift shops sell swim wear? Ive been looking for a cute bikini just cant seem to find one here where i live. Arriving in 9 days cant wait!!!!!!!!

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    Lots of swimwear of all descriptions - I found the prices very reasonable as well.

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    Yes they do have swimwear in both the gift shop and logo shop at CTI. Of course you don't know if they will have your size or style until you get there so you'll want to bring something from home just in case. The bikinis and cover-ups were reasonably priced and I had fun spending my gift shop credits there.

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    Yes, both the Logo Shop and the Gift Shop sold bikinis... I didn't check the sizes but they had a good selection of styles.
    Enjoy your vacation...

    BTW, if you are near a Target, their biknins this year are really cute!

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    The gift shop at CTI sell all kinds of beach wear including a pretty wide selection of bikinis.

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    But anyone you see where you live, then go out to the island once you get to swimsuit needed out there.
    Truthfully, there are two shops on site at CTI, one out the front of the resort but still on the property and one located on the beachside of the resort, just below the Verandah restaurant. As I remember from last June, they do have swimsuits, coverups, T-shirts, sunscreen, etc. However, I don't recall there being (what I would term) a great selection. If I were you, I would find something that I can live with before I leave for my trip and if you find one there that really wows you, then buy that one as a gift for deserve it!!!!
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    Ther is a limited amount of swim wear but I would try to find something at home. Have you tried Target or TJ Maxx and Marshalls?

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    They have a very limited selection, I would look at Macy's on Wednesday March 31 - they're having a big Sale.

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    Default - has something to fit everyone.
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Try the internet. Victoria Secret has swimwear on their site as well as some other sites, which I can't think of right now.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Venus swimwear has great options

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    We were at CTI in Feb and absolutely loved the shops! We found alot of great items there from batteries to clothing and photo albumns! Everything was priced very reasonable and of great quality! My wife loves to shop and was very impressed. We have been to many resort gift shops these top the list!

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