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    Default NoT EveN OnE?!?!?!?

    Many of you have gotten married here ...we only celebrated our 12th anniversary here at CSS. I received a gorgeous bouquet of tropical flowers from my hubby and I am so frustrated. We leave tomorrow and I WISH to take SoMe ...ok ALL back to the US ...ISN'T THERE ANY LEGAL way to do this ...declare it on the passport or SOMETHING ...they are SOOOOO beautiful.

    Anyone with any ideas appreciated

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    Sad to say, there isn't. ICE is (rightfully) concerned about plantborne pathogens (e.g., the MedFly), so fruits and flowers aren't allowed.

    We were on a cruise last year for our anniversary, and made sure there were flowers in our stateroom when we got on in Miami. Of course, we weren't allowed to take them off -- even though, ironically enough, they came on board the ship in Miami!

    Best way to "keep" them is to take lots of pictures.

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    Your husband sounds like quite a guy.

    Perhaps you could "re - gift" them to a favorite staff member, or antoher guest who might enjoy them. Take a picture of them !

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    Cant see you getting them out. All I can think of is doing what we did of our Anniversary flowers. Take some realy nice photos of them to remind you. After all a photo will last a lot longer.

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    I feel your pain - last September received the most beautiful arrangement for our 5th Anniversary. As we had married at CN and I tried to bring back my bouquet, legally through Customs, I knew that I could not bring the arrangement. I did regift it to the infamous Mr and Mrs Norway who were honeymooning at the same time as us. My suggestion is take lots of pics, try to bring it but you do need to go through Agricultural Inspection and if they find one bug it is tossed, or regift. I will always treasure the bouquet I received - so beautiful.

    PS - Due to company rules which we understand we were not allowed to give it to an employee.

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    We were married at COR (TI) in March 2007 and somehow I managed to bring my flowers home. I had them in my carry on bag and they were seen leaving Jamaica and entering the US. Don't know how that happened but they weren't hidden.

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