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    Default Oh NO. Flight Cancelled

    We just got the message that our returning flight was canceled! After 90 minutes on the phone with Air Jamaica we had to schedule to come home a day early That is better than having to cancel the trip entirely! Now we are trying to change our reservation at the resort. AJ offered to fly us out of Chicago a day early as well. I hope this works. So much for making plans early. We made reservations last Aug. Anyone else in this situation?

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    oh yes! but we were notified about 2 months ago. What was the date of your cancelled flight? We ended up re-booking the flight a day earlier, and adding an extra day at CN (since CSA was booked that night). On the way home we re-booked with AA because AJ stopped flying to Chicago all together.

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    YES ! My flight from Chicago for April was cancelled in February. I had a midweek flight, and no other nonstop flights available on the days we were traveling. Non stop flights , just so you know, are on Saturdays on American Airlines : and on Thursday and Sunday on US3000. Well to make a long story short, had to cancel trip, CSA could not change my dates because they were full. Couples was very nice about allowing me to change dates and it was only 40 days before trip that we changed dates. Still waiting for a refund from Air Jamaica ( has been almost 2 months and Air Jamaica disconnects you every time you call about this refund). We plan on going to CSA or CSS in September to make up for the trip. I am just upset at Air Jamaica because I have spent HOURS on the phone with them, and still have gotten no where! I have posted the question on Trip Advisor asking if anyone has yet to receive their refund who was in a similar situation, and everyone states NO ! My advise , change your dates if possible and do not trust Air Jamaica to refund your money if you want to cancel ! ( I have to fly nonstop due to health issues, changing to a flight with layovers is not an option). Good Luck.

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    We were in that situation briefly. I found out via this message board over a month ago that AJ was shutting down April 12th. We were originally scheduled to go to CSA 4/9 to 4/16. That meant we could get to MBJ on AJ but not get back. As soon as I read a posting on the message board, I called AJ and they confirmed it. I immediately booked us for the week prior to lock in to available seats and we leave this Thursday. I then called my TA who didn't know anything about AJ going under. Fortunately she was able to get us a room at CSA for the new week we had to go. I'm going to miss AJ, great flight times out of ORD.

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    Air Jamaica - say no more! Tried to use them twice, never again.

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    understand, Air Jamaica is restructuring, probably not the most reliable airline at this point,shame. I remember the good old 'lovebird' days.

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    Were going to try USA3000 for a direct flight to Montego bay in the early morning.Then Sprit airlines for the return trip later in the afternoon. Its not direct flight on the way back to chicago but at least it leaves later in the afternoon.

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    After about 24 hours of sweating it out, everything has fallen into place. Air Jamaica offered to fly us to MJB a day early and claims they will fly us back to ORD a day earlier. We leave ORD Fri. 4/2 and return 4/9. We thought our original flight on the 10th was safe since it was on a Sat. before the date to restructure and near the Easter holiday so we thinking there'd be many travelers. Couples was able to accomodate us as well. I wonder if we will get the kind of room we originally booked but at this time it doesn't really matter. We'd probably be able to move the next day. I wonder if those of you who are waiting for a check from AJ will get it after the restructuring.
    SCHWIESCO, thanks for letting us know who flies direct. It has been nice arriving at MBJ in only 4 hours. We love Couples but were contimplating where else we could go without wasting a complete day to travel.

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    I guess I may be one of the lucky few who has recieved their refund from Air Jamaica for our April trip. I happened to be on this very MB the day AJ announced their route cancellations, and immediately called our TA. She didn't know about the cancellations yet, but got us booked on AA's nonstop flight out of O'Hare (luckily we were leaving on a Saturday - the only day AA flies nonstop to MoBay!). It took about 2 billing cycles on our credit card, but we did receive our credit back for our AJ flights. We leave for CN in just 18 days, and I can only hope that our flight with AA goes smoothly - we've always flown AJ.

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