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    I've been reading alot about people saying get the new rooms they're better than the old rooms. Where are the new rooms and how do we get them? Thanx. Sorry first timer to CSA

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    "New" would be the rooms with "Verandah" in the name, or anything in Great House. They are on the southern half of the property.

    Better is relative. I don't necessarily think they are better. We've stayed in Garden Suite, Garden Verandah and Ocean Verahdah and, were it not for the lack of mini-bar, we would book Garden Suite again over the verandahs. I like the design of the room better. This coming trip, we did beachfront and picked Beachfront Suite (old) over Beachfront Verandah, again because I like the older rooms (and a TV isn't something that matters to us).

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    There's a newer section of the property. The newer section has villas with 12 rooms, tv's and minibars. Most of the older section has villas with 4 rooms, no tv's and not all have minibars. It's not the that newer rooms are 'better', it's a matter of preference. Some actually prefer the older section. I for one LOVE the Atrium Suites (the older section). After our section trip this May, I'm hoping my husband realize he doesn't need a tv in the room (the only reason we stay in the newer section). All the rooms with 'Vernadah' are in the newer section. If a tv is important, you would want to go with on of the vernadah rooms. If not, take a look at the pics and see what draws you. Also, if you notice I said newER, not new because they were added in 2006 - I THINK - the vets will be correct me if I'm wrong. You've already made an excellent choice in CSA.

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    The "newest" rooms were added in 2007, and that's any room in the Greathouse.

    Before that, the "newest" rooms were the ( Beachfront, Ocean and Garden) Verandah Suites which are now about 7 or 8 years "old"

    But most people who go back regularly prefer the
    "Original" rooms - which includes the Atriums and Beachfront Suites, which are now "old"

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    Anything that has the word "verandah" in it's name is a "new" room. (i.e. Ocean Verandah Suite, Beachfront Verandah Suite, Garden Verandah Suite, etc.) If it's doesn't have "Verandah" in it, it's an original room (Beachfront Suite, Atrium Suite, Garden Suite).

    We like to think of them as the "original rooms" not the old rooms, and actually we prefer them over the "new" rooms. Honestly, this is more semantics than anything else as the old rooms have had their bathrooms remodeled recently and the new rooms are 5 years old now.

    The "new" rooms all have TV's and minibars. The new rooms are in blocks of 12, 4 per floor/3 floors. The new rooms have less shutters (only corner rooms have shutters in the walls) and they have glass under the shutters. They also have a smaller balcony.

    Of the original rooms, only the Beachfront suite has a minibar. None of them have TV's (our preference.) The original rooms have 3 or 4 rooms in a building (except for Garden Suites) and have wraparound shutters in the room. There is no glass behind the shutters... Just screen. Lets in all the gorgeous ocean air. They have huge patios and the Atrium suites have hammocks. Yay.

    Look at the pictures they accurately represent the rooms. Decide which one you like and don't get hung up on new/old.

    Have a great trip.


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    We have stayed in an Ocean Verandah (new side) and an Atrium (old side). For us it is no contest. We love the Atrium Suites. The OV was nice but it is more like a hotel room, while the Atrium is more private and romantic. We loved hanging out in the hammock in the late afternoon. Only the Atriums have a hammock.

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    It's not like the "old" rooms are run down and falling apart. They are just a totally different style. To me the new rooms are boring, cold and crowded. They are just hotel rooms really. The old rooms are awesome. They are very private and feel like your own little bungalow. There is no comparison. I would not want to stay in one of the new rooms.

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    Default Thanx

    Thanx for all your help... Like I said I'm new to CSA and just don't want to stay in a "bad" room. I'm sure there is no such thing. We're staying in a Garden Viranda Suite. Hope to see you on the BEACH.. The DRINKS are on me. LOL

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    We stay in the Garden Suite. We really aren't in the room except to sleep, shower, and change so the garden works great for us.

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