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    Default Changing travel dates

    We are booking for a week in Dec. but may need to switch, to the prior week. Is it possible to switch your travel dates, without a penalty, after securing with a deposit?
    I can't find any info on the website.

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    Yes it is very easy, I have done it 2x's already, no problem. Contact the person or company who made your reservation, and they can do it for you . Do it quick, because rates are suppose to go up April 1, 2010. If you booked with Couples, call the reservation department directly. They allow you to do this up to 45 days before your trip , ( they allowed us to do it 40 days before our upcoming trip due to flight problems ).

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    If you are booking with a TA be sure and ask them what their policy is. Sometimes you can rebook without penalty, but you may have to pay for another insurance policy. I prefer booking with Couples as they switch you without any penalty and you don't have to repurchase the insurance.
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    We booked through the Couples website and changing was very easy and quick. We even got to keep the special deal we got when we booked in advance! One more reason to LOVE Couples

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    Are you able to change the date and resort without penalty (if you did not purchase any insurance with Couples)?

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    Yes, it is possible, and without penalty if it is 46 days or more before your travel dates... but not always as easy as people may say. What they will probably want you to do (what they did in our case) was just have you cancel your current reservation and then rebook online or with them on the phone. I just went through this, and we didn't have travel insurance either, but ultimately I did get my deposit back and booked different dates (at a different resort, too, as a matter of fact).

    You have to call 1800Couples... easy enough... and they will then direct you to send them an email stating you want to cancel your current reservation (they need it in writing, that's why this step) and they will cancel it. For us, it took them a long time to actually cancel it... a long time and 3-4 phone calls later, because the emails somehow kept getting lost. But that was probably just a fluke, and anyways, once the email goes through it will take you 4-5 days to get your deposit refunded. In the meantime, you can reserve your new dates, or wait for your deposit and then reserve again online or through 1800couples.

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