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    Just currious about the available watersports at CSA: mainly parasailing. Is that a activity thats available at CSA? Do you have to go to Negril? Is it affordable?

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    Danya -

    You most certainly have parasailing available to you at SweptAway! It is not an inclusive activity, so you do have to pay for it. Look for Elvis on the beach and he will hook you up. I'm not up to speed on the cost.

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    It was $90.00 a couple when we went last December.

    They started around $110.00 but you can negotiate down. Remember that these companies are not regulated at all for safety so do it at your own risk.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the info, Chris.

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    You can parasail at CSA, but it isn't one of the offered excursions. The are vendors on the beach that will accommodate you. From what I understand the price can be negotiated.

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    Here is the link to all of the available included watersports at CSA:

    Parasailing is not, but there are vendors right on the beach who will hook you up. Just have your cash and bartering skills ready.
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